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  • Text XC followed by a short message, with maximum 160 characters, to 88008.
  • All feedback will be monitored by the CrossCountry team and we will be publishing our response to a range of comments on this page.
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SMS feedback messages will be charged at normal network rates.

Latest feedback:

XC I have used the 07.37 Tiverton to Bristol today 24th and yesterday 23rd. Only 3 standard class coaches, overcrowded, standing room only, not good enough.

Apologies for any crowding you`ve experienced on our 07:37 Tiverton Parkway - Bristol service. At present we are using all the coaches we've available and as such we often won't have any spare rolling stock in which to strengthen busy trains
Date Added: 24/11/2015 15:56:55

XC First class? Pay extra for ticket and get one cup of tea provided 10 minutes after setting off from Newcastle to Bristol. Thought I may be getting at least a sandwich or even another drink.

Apologies to hear of the overall lack of catering on your recent journey with us between Bristol & Newcastle. Ultimately complimentary items in First Class are subject to availability however we will certainly pass on your comments to our Catering team.
Date Added: 22/11/2015 21:46:20

XC Really appreciated guard on 16:19 from Birmingham to Nottingham. Train was delayed at Burton. Guard explained reason was passenger taken ill and then gave clear, friendly, informative information and ETAs throughout rest of journey. Praise due!

Thanks for letting us know about how our Senior Conductor kept you up-to-date on your delayed train, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to them and their manager.
Date Added: 19/11/2015 17:57:36

XC on 16.46 Exeter to Plymouth. Why only four carriages when this is the busiest time of the day?

Sorry to hear of the crowding you experienced on that service, we are using all the coaches we've available at present hence we cannot run a longer train. We will however pass your comments on to our Planning team.
Date Added: 18/11/2015 16:55:31

XC A huge thanks to train manager Jonathon who showed great kindness to my sick friend yesterday Edinburgh to newcastle trip. Thanks carol

Glad to hear Jonathon was able to help your friend on their recent journey with us.
Date Added: 18/11/2015 11:21:29

XC. 15:58 from Chelt to New Street. The member of staff serving food and drink was very polite and positive, and fast to help anyone. A very happy service :)

Thanks for letting us know, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to the member of staff and their manager.
Date Added: 15/11/2015 16:17:15

XC just wanted to say how professional and friendly your train crew are, late coming out of Bristol guard was very informative and polite, guy with trolley on 2nd leg from Bham to Leeds what a happy chapy, great to see, well done XC

That's great to hear, we're always thrilled to hear of such comments regarding our members of staff.
Date Added: 12/11/2015 15:40:07

XC Birmingham to Penzance train- train was horribly overcrowded throughout the whole journey due to a lack of carriages. In general, not a very pleasant experience

Sorry to hear of the crowding on board your journey, as much as we'd like to strengthen our busier services with extra coaches unfortunately this often won't be possible as we are using all the coaches we've available.
Date Added: 11/11/2015 20:07:45

XC not impressed with the train manager on the 2125 cov to rdg tonight. Sat down near me in 1st class, not checking tickets not serving refreshments and not making station announcements... Seems he's too busy reading his newspaper!!!!

Sorry to hear this, if you wish to a raise a staff complaint please email full details to
Date Added: 09/11/2015 22:15:07

XC stanstead 2 leics. No coffee 4 2hrs. Toilet had no soap, paper, dryer broken. Undecipherable onboard announcements. 1st & last time 4 us !

Sorry to hear of the poor conditions on board your train during your recent journey with us. Without knowing the specific service you were on regrettably this isn’t something we’d be able to investigate. Should you wish to raise a formal complaint regarding your journey please contact our Customer Relations team at and enclose full details including the scheduled departure time of the service you boarded.
Date Added: 06/11/2015 12:42:54

XC Just tried to change the time of my 'Advance' single on Saturday...couldn't as I'd chosen a print at home ticket. Quite why this changes the terms and conditions of the advance ticket I have no idea. Remember can't get a changeable advance ticket online (for a fee and difference of fare) without choosing a collection method that costs £. Amazed they can get away with this.

Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the terms of the 'Print at Home' ticket we offer. We do ensure that any terms or restrictions are clearly displayed or notified before a ticket is purchased. We will make your comments available to the relevant departments.
Date Added: 05/11/2015 13:18:25

XC travelling on Saturday, best option seems to be an Off Peak Return, can you clarify what times that can be used at weekends please? And does it mean that I can travel on any Cross Country train to my return destination as I'm not 100% certain what time I'm heading back

Both the outward and return portions of the Off-Peak Return need to be used after 09:30 if travelling Monday-Friday. If you're travelling on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday then there is no 'Peak' restriction - you may travel on as early a service as you wish.
Date Added: 03/11/2015 12:30:31

XC Train Manager on 1023 from NTA to Man was friendly and incredibly helpful, managed to find my coat that another passenger accidentally picked up. Fantastic service!

Thank you very much for letting us know, we're glad to hear of the assistance our Train Manager gave on your service, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to them and look forward to seeing you on-board again soon!
Date Added: 31/10/2015 11:55:32

XC why is the service in 1st class so different each week? I travel on the 1915 rdg to cov and some weeks there is food service and some weeks there is nothing!

The service you receive should ideally be the same, however complimentary food and drink served to First Class customers is offered subject to availability. It does sound however as though we may need to review the stock levels delivered to this particular train if this is a regular occurrence. We do appreciate all feedback, and will make your comments available to our Catering team who can look into this matter further.
Date Added: 30/10/2015 23:35:41

XC No catering on services north of Leeds? Paying for first class upgrade clearly a mockery of customers. Not even a bottle of water.

Apologies there was no catering on our service when you traveled with us, without knowing the details of the train you were on we`re unable to confirm whether it was scheduled to run with catering or not. Certain services will be scheduled to run with catering north of Leeds; it will depend though on the time you travel. Info on which services are scheduled to have catering can be viewed in our timetables.
Date Added: 28/10/2015 21:28:20

XC. On train stuck wolverh'n. Supposed to change Stafford for Liverpool. Any other options other than sitting tight? Toni

Sorry to hear you were delayed on your way to Stafford when travelling with us; unfortunately we are unable to assist with journey updates via SMS Feedback. If you were delayed by at least 30 minutes by the time you reached your destination please remember to claim Delay Repay:
Date Added: 28/10/2015 19:52:38

XC train manager on 2025 cov to rdg was extremely nice and polite!! Once again I had an excellent journey!!

Glad to hear another you've had another excellent journey with us, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to the Train Manager who worked your service.
Date Added: 26/10/2015 23:57:33

XC Toilets are easy to use and clean, but you need to have some paper towels. All there is for wiping hands dry is mushy toilet paper.

Sorry to hear of the difficulty you experienced recently on our train when trying to dry your hands in the toilet. Unless there's a fault all of our trains are equipped with hand dryers in the toilets above the sink.
Date Added: 24/10/2015 07:45:02

XC frequently use the Birmingham new street service to Leicester. Service is appalling, why dont they add extra carriages. Never enough space on board

Sorry to hear you've experienced frequent crowding on that route. As we are using all the coaches we've available we won't always be able to strengthen busier trains. Nevertheless we will certainly log your comments for the attention of our Planning team.
Date Added: 23/10/2015 19:33:57

XC Please let the train manager know on the 16:31 BHM to MAN today, he has been really informative and offered a lot of advice, help and information. to passengers. A very valuable employee, going above and beyond his job title!

Glad to hear of the assistance our Train Manager gave on your service, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to him.
Date Added: 22/10/2015 17:13:34

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