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Latest feedback:

XC on 12.30 from BHM to NWP. Paid 1st class tkt no 1st class. No refreshments on train. Not happy. Staff v apologetic

Sorry for the lack of refreshments on our 12:30 service from Birmingham New St to Newport on your recent journey. Having looked into this on the day of travel the type of train usually used on that journey (Turbostar) had to be swapped for a Voyager train, as such the Catering team normally scheduled to work that service were unable to hence no catering being available for First and Standard Class passengers. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Date Added: 23/05/2015 13:59:28

XC travelling on the train from Winchester to Newcastle. when refreshment cart came the man quickly pushed it through the carriage didn't say a word or asked if anyone wanted anything until the last minute, there was no chance of getting refreshments off him. Poor customer service

Very sorry to hear this. If you could please email our Customer Relations team with the full details at we'll ensure your comments get looked into.
Date Added: 23/05/2015 10:00:24

XC I am sat in 1st class seat A 36 on the 19.45 from York to Cheltenham and I am disgusted that there's no drinks available AT ALL. I have a chronic illness and need to take medication at 10pm and there isn't even water available. This is not acceptable. I shall take to social media to express my dissatisfaction. Mrs D Stanley.

Sorry for the lack of catering offered on your recent journey with us. The 19:45 service from York is scheduled to have catering as far as Leeds and this would be served to First Class customers by the Retail Service Manager who would also work through Standard Class. It’s most likely the case that given the journey time between York & Leeds there wasn't sufficient time for catering to reach you. Information on which trains have catering and where from/to is available to view in our timetables.
Date Added: 22/05/2015 20:42:30

XC on a cramped 16.46 from reading to winchester, 4 months pregnant & feeling faint, asked if I could pls sit in 1st class and told an abrupt no- unbelievable, worst service ever, what happened to mankind?!

Sorry to hear about your recent journey with us and the crowding you experienced. If it was the case you had to stand we’d recommend making a seat reservation to guarantee a seat in future. Seat reservations can be made up to 12 weeks in advance and also at short notice via our Ten Minute Reservation system ( If you’d like to raise a complaint regarding your experience please email
Date Added: 22/05/2015 16:50:20

Xc I'm traveling from Birmingham to Manchester. Aircon is broken, carriage temp 45degC+, not many lights working either. Heres hoping you did some maintenance this year; preferably on the breaks and engine. Value for money...... Maybe Not!!!

Apologies if it was too hot on board when you travelled with us. If you do find the temperature on board uncomfortable please raise this with the Train Manager who will be in a position to assist, and report any faults for our maintenance team to investigate further.
Date Added: 21/05/2015 16:45:19

XC Also relating to the same service between Banbury and Oxford, this is frequently running late. For the £ I pay for a season ticket this is very poor service.

Please accept our apologies regarding delays to your journeys with us. Unfortunately without further details we are unable to investigate. If you get in touch with our Customer Relations team on 03447 369 123 they will be able to look into this further. A 'Delay Repay' compensation scheme is available if you have been delayed by 30 minutes or more - More details available here:
Date Added: 20/05/2015 21:39:48

XC I have been commuting on XC trains between Banbury and Oxford since September and I have been able to get a seat on the train maybe once every fortnight.

Sorry to hear you've been unable to take a seat regularly on recent journeys with us. At certain times of the day and between certain stations (Banbury - Oxford being one example) our services can be very popular. In future you could use our Ten Minute Reservation system, which allows you to reserve a seat (subject to availability) up to 10 mins before the train arrives at your station -
Date Added: 20/05/2015 21:38:53

XC I travelled first class on the 8.00 Bristol - Cheltenham and was not offered any refreshment. The attendant was also very rude to a visually impaired woman.

Sorry to hear of the problems you've experienced. We would appreciate it if you could send the full details through to us as at so that this can be investigated.
Date Added: 17/05/2015 21:07:07

XC. 12:24 Exeter St Davids -Sheffield 14/04/14. Train manager to BHam was very helpful and so entertaining! Made my 8hr journey home from uni much more bearable

Thanks for sharing, that's great to hear! We'll pass on your comments to the staff member involved.
Date Added: 16/05/2015 20:37:19

XC Really helpful train manager on 9.03 from bham to Leeds.despite changes and delays he kept us v well informed and reduced stress.pls thank him.

Thank you for letting us know, we'll ensure your kind comments are passed on to the staff member concerned.
Date Added: 16/05/2015 10:47:32

XC I'm on your 08:46 Reading - Bournemouth and would like to commend Rebecca the train manager for being professional and friendly; sadly an uncommon occurrence on the train network.

Thank you for letting us know about Rebecca and the good impression she left when you travelled with us. We're always glad to hear of such feedback and we will ensure this is passed on.
Date Added: 14/05/2015 09:14:37

XC Michelle on the trip from stanstead airport to Birmingham has been wonderful with ticket problems, many including people with limited English, and has been very patient and caring. It's been a pleasurable trip with a beautiful sunset to top it off!

Fantastic to hear about Michelle, we'll ensure your comments are passed on to her.
Date Added: 13/05/2015 20:45:21

XC. On the 13.33 Dunbar to Edinburgh. Train is so hot. I cannot believe that in 2015 the temperature cannot be kept at a pleasant 19 degrees C. At least a Mk 1 BR coach was comfortable with windows at seats and. Window to open.

Apologies if it was too hot on board when you travelled with us. If you do find the temperature on board uncomfortable please raise this with the Train Manager who will be in a position to assist.
Date Added: 10/05/2015 13:42:35

XC why do you allow alcohol on your trains when people clearly abuse it. Carriage full of abusive loud drunks abusing your staff and disputing everyone's journey.

Unless we are expecting a large volume of customers travelling to a major sporting/social event, most of our train services will allow alcohol to be consumed on board. We do however want our customers consuming alcohol to be considerate of others around them. If at a point a person/group become intoxicated and threatening to passengers or on board staff, they can be ejected from the train by the Train Manager/Conductor on board with the help of the British Transport Police where appropriate.
Date Added: 09/05/2015 19:51:45

XC - train 1st class EXD to LDS. After waiting 2 hours told sandwiches sold out. Next time I travel should I pack my own?

Sorry to hear about the lack of catering available for your journey and the length of time you had to wait. Packing your own is of course a choice of your own however it is not entirely necessary for our services with advertised catering on board. We have a selection of complimentary sandwiches for First Class passengers and sandwiches sold on the retail trolley and we attempt to stock them accordingly with reference to the number of people we expect to be on board.
Date Added: 09/05/2015 14:34:44

XC 1709 from Bristol to Manchester 1st class coach has zero ventilation and it is roasting!

Apologies that you found the temperature uncomfortable in your coach when you travelled with us. In such instances we would recommend raising this with staff on board who will be in a position to assist.
Date Added: 07/05/2015 17:55:32

XC bristol to man picc jammed again, 4 carriages at peak time not enough! Stood next to toilet with 11 other people!! :'(

Sorry to hear you have experienced frequent crowding on our services between Bristol Temple Meads and Manchester Piccadilly. At present we are using all the coaches we have available, however we will forward your comments on to our Planning team regarding the services on that route.
Date Added: 06/05/2015 17:38:48

XC. Travelling on 1524 Exeter to Edinburgh on 5 May. No catering service provided for more than half journey (from Sheffield) with no warning given. Extremely poor service to expect passengers to travel for over 4 hours without refreshment.

Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the level of catering on that service. We generally offer catering on our trains between the hours of 06:00 and 20:00, your service was scheduled to have Standard Class catering up to Leeds. For future reference our timetables will show which services are scheduled to run with catering and where this will be from/to. We will certainly pass on your feedback to the relevant team regarding your experience.
Date Added: 05/05/2015 21:25:04

XC currently on your 6:57 departure from New street and not happy with the train managers attitude as due to your error I have ended up on the wrong train!!! No apology whatsoever!!!

Sorry to hear of the problems you've experienced. We would appreciate it if you could send the full details through to us as at so that this can be investigated.
Date Added: 02/05/2015 19:41:36

XC on 14.12 from Birmingham to Bristol - The train staff and trolley guy need to be commended for their compassionate, professional kind way they dealt with difficult passenger.

Thank you for letting us know, we'll ensure your comments are passed on to the staff members concerned.
Date Added: 02/05/2015 18:23:45