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How it works

Making a Ten minute reservation

On the Ten minute reservations page, use the boxes to tell us where you are travelling from and to and we will show you the trains on which ten minute reservations by SMS are available.

In order to make your reservation, simply send a text message with the text code for the appropriate train to88008, using the three letter station code for each station. For example, if you wish to make a reservation in Standard on the 0800 Bristol to Cheltenham service, please text 'TMR BRI CNM 0800'. If you would like to make a Ten minute reservation in First Class on the 0757 Birmingham to Manchester service, please text 'TMR BHM MAN 0757 1ST'.

If there is a seat available we will make the reservation for you and will send your reservation details back to you by text message. If it is not possible to make the reservation, we will let you know.

How late can I reserve a seat?

How to use on board

On our Voyager and HST services you will find your seat reservation displayed in the electronic seat reservation system. If there are problems with your seat reservation, please speak to the Train Manager. On our Turbostar services, it is not possible to reserve a seat on the day of travel.

Seats which can be reserved during the train's journey will display the message 'Available, but reservable en-route(origin)to(destination), e.g. 'Available, but reservable en-route Bournemouth to Manchester'. This means that the seat is currently available but may be reserved by other customers during the train's journey.  If you buy a ticket with a reservation, or use our Ten minute reservation service, the display will change to reflect your reservation.

What about my ticket?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold the correct ticket for the journey you are making. A ten minute reservation does not replace your travel ticket. See our Terms and conditions for further details.

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