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CrossCountry performance exceeds 90 per cent again

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Performance on CrossCountry routes since the start of the franchise last November is shown in the table below:

CrossCountry Performance Previous Year Change
11 November to 8 December 86.3% 77.8% +8.5%
9 December to 5 January 88.0% 86.4% +1.6%
6 January to 2 February 89.1% 83.5% +5.6%
3 February to 1 March 88.8% 86.4% +2.4%
2 March to 31 March 89.4% 88.2% +1.2%
1 April to 26 April 92.6% 88.1% +4.5%
27 April to 24 May 91.2% 91.2% 0
25 May to 21 June 90.4% 83.7% +6.7%
22 June to 19 July 90.7% 82.4% +8.3%

CrossCountry Production Director Sarah Kendall said: "These consistently high performance figures show that CrossCountry is honouring its commitment to customers by delivering a punctual and reliable service. We have a number of actions identified to further improve our train performance and will be implementing these over the coming months."

PPM is the rail industry's measurement of individual train operator performance and is produced by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR). Further information on PPM can be obtained from

*This figure is the average of the last three periods to 19 July 2008.

Please find notes to Editors, CrossCountry facts and figures below.
For more information feel free to contact us on 0121 2006115 or by email to [email protected]. CrossCountry has moved offices. Our new address is CrossCountry Communications Department, 5th Floor, Cannon House, Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 6BS

Notes to Editors

CrossCountry started operating on 11 November 2007. The franchise, which is the most extensive in the UK, will run until 31 March 2016. For further information on CrossCountry services and future franchise plans log on to

This release uses re-mapped data from previous franchises for comparison purposes.

CrossCountry facts and figures

PASSENGERS CARRIED: Over 30 million passenger journeys a year anticipated
ANNUAL TRAIN MILEAGE: Approximately 16 million
EMPLOYEES: Approximately 1,800
LONGEST TRAIN SERVICE: Penzance to Dundee (701 miles)

CrossCountry is part of the Arriva group which operates transport services in twelve European countries, employs more than 38,000 people and provides more than one billion passenger journeys every year. For more information about the Arriva group visit

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