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Local charity man wins international award

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The charity, Myra's Wells, digs wells in Burkina Faso - an area where fresh water is scarce and the risk of the spread of disease through contaminated water is high. The charity has already constructed 26 wells across the region since launching in 2006.

Eddie Martin, a Train Manager for CrossCountry, beat 300,000 employees of the Deutsche Bahn rail group to be awarded the money, which he now plans to spend on the construction of another well. Mr Martin is also considering buying his own drilling rig in partnership with one of the charity's benefactors. This would allow them to build more wells for less money in the future.

"The impact of the award goes far beyond the presentation evening", said Eddie Martin, 65, of West Moors. "Winning enhances the charity's status and gives it the level of credibility that will enable it to tap into sources of income that would have been previously impossible. I'm looking forward to using the DB Award as an excellent springboard for future fundraising, especially as we hope to acquire our own drilling rig, which, although it may initially cost approximately £150,000, will substantially reduce the amount of money it currently takes to drill a well."

Further support for the charity has since increased the €3,000 award money to €7,000 - more than enough for the next well. People wishing to support Myra's Wells or get involved in forthcoming projects can visit for more information.

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For further information, please contact Kelly Mortlock or Beth Milsom on 020 7025 7522 or email [email protected]


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