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Walks in Leamington Spa

Tuesday 16 February 2021

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Royal Leamington Spa is one of the country’s ‘royal’ towns, located in the heart of Warwickshire. Queen Victoria granted the town the title in 1838 after residents petitioned for it to be recognised for its history. In addition to its links to the throne, the stunning town has gorgeous architecture and a range of great things to do. With many attractions in the town affected by Coronavirus restrictions, we recommend exploring the local area on your own two feet. Check out three of our favourite walks in Leamington Spa. 

We also have guides on walks in Leicester, Durham and Sheffield, so check those out if you’re currently in the area.

Warwickshire Riverside Walk


  • Distance: 3.5 miles
  • Typical duration: 2 hours
  • Start: Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre
  • Getting there: The leisure centre is around a 25-minute walk from Leamington Spa station
  • Finish: St. Nicholas Park
  • Getting back: Walk to Warwick Station and hop on a train for the 5-minute journey back to Leamington Spa

This pleasant walk follows the peaceful waters of the River Leam, Grand Union Canal and River Avon as well as taking you through some lovely parks.

Starting at the leisure centre, continue along Newbold Terrace until you can turn left into Jephson Gardens. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a path in the woods next to the leisure centre and you can choose the woodland route instead. Take your time and enjoy the park, then leave through the main gates and cross the road to the Pump Room Gardens. Follow the river path until you reach the footbridge (York Bridge) and cross over.

Turn right and follow the path, walking through the underpass at Adelaide Bridge into Victoria Park. Continue past the attractions and car park and exit the park by walking under the railway viaduct at Princes Drive. Cross the road and take the ‘Riverside Walk’ footpath, following the trail up to the railway bridge. Continue straight along the path to the canal, keeping the railway on your left, and then turn right once you reach the water.

Walk along the canal towpath. After crossing the aqueduct over the River Avon, you can either follow the route we’ve plotted on our map, or go off-piste on a more scenic route. To do the latter, after you’ve crossed the aqueduct, keep your eye out for a black and white sign that points to a ‘Waterside Walk’. Carefully make your way down the metal steps and bear right until the River Avon is ahead of you.

Walk under the aqueduct and follow the riverside path past Tesco to the railway bridge. Walk under it and continue along the path until you find a footbridge (Charter Bridge). Cross the bridge into St. Nicholas Park, and from here you can explore, perhaps rent a boat (if restrictions allow) or head into the beautiful town of Warwick.

The town of Royal Leamington Spa sits behind a calm river in the sunshine.

Linseed field loop

  • Distance: 10 miles
  • Typical duration: 3.5 hours
  • Start & finish: Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre
  • Getting there: The leisure centre is a 25-minute stroll from Leamington Spa station

You’ll get loads of fresh air on this loop of the Linseed fields. A fairly long walk with a ‘moderate’ effort rating, this loop is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This walk also starts at Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, but this time we’re heading north. Turn right from the leisure centre and take the first left, walking past the Newbold Comyn Arms onto Greenwood Court. Turn left, then right, and follow the track until there’s the option of continuing straight or turning left. When you get there, turn left and head into the woods, walk across the green, cross the road, and walk up for a few seconds until you reach Gresham Place – a path that bears left behind the houses.

Follow the path straight for a while until you get to Pound Lane. Continue north and turn right onto the B4453/Cubbington Road. Continue up here for a while and keep an eye out for a narrow path on the right. Go through the wooden gate and you’ll find yourself on a path that goes through some fields. Exit the fields and continue straight up Queen Street. You’ll wander past a few small cafes, shops and pubs, so feel free to take a break here. Then, continue up the road until you reach Church Lane. Here, you’ll find St Mary’s Church ahead.

Turn right down New Street and then continue on through Mill Lane. Now, you’re in Linseed fields. There are a few paths you can take – the one we’ve outlined on our map takes you over a small footbridge and then back south, through the village of Offchurch. The path then winds through the fields once more, over the River Leam and between Newbold Comyn Skate Park and Newbold Comyn Country Park. Continue on and you’ll start to recognise the path you took up from the leisure centre. Retrace your steps, and you’ll be back where you started.

Parks and Town


  • Distance: 2 miles
  • Typical duration: 25 minutes without stops
  • Starts: Jephson Gardens
  • Getting there: Jephson Gardens is just a 7-minute walk from the station
  • Ends: Victoria Park
  • Getting back: Leamington Spa station is a 15-minute walk from Victoria Park

This is a shorter walk in Leamington Spa, perfect if you have an hour or so to kill, or you just aren’t up for a longer stroll. The walk begins at the beautiful Jephson Gardens, an oasis in the centre of town – if they’re open, the stunning botanical gardens here are certainly worth a visit. Once you reach the centre of the gardens, turn left and exit via the modest archway.

Head up Newbold Street into town. You’ll soon reach the tree-lined Hamilton Terrace and from here you can cross the road onto Regent Grove. This is a great time to head off and explore the gorgeous streets of Leamington Spa. There are countless places to shop and eat, so grab a takeaway coffee or if restrictions allow, have a drink at one of the town’s many pubs. Regent Street has plenty of shopping opportunities to tempt you, and you’ll find that the town’s original Georgian buildings are especially eye-catching.

Once you’ve had your fill of exploration, locate Bedford Street and follow it south. You’ll find the Royal Pump Room Gardens at the bottom – a lovely place to sit and people watch. From here, you can cross the River Leam over a footbridge. Turn right and follow the path along the river. Once you see Adelaide Bridge on the right, cross the road and head along the path to Victoria Park. 

If you’re local to Leamington Spa, you’ll know how beautiful it is. If you’re thinking about visiting after lockdown, why not travel by train? In the meantime, take a look at some more areas of outstanding beauty you can reach via a CrossCountry service when restrictions ease.

Written by Julia

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