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I have lost my ticket what should I do?

Please note that train companies do not accept responsibility for lost or mislaid tickets. The National Rail Conditions of Travel states that lost or mislaid tickets will not be replaced nor will refunds be made in respect of them.

You will need to book new tickets if unable to find the old ones.

If you have purchased a season ticket via our website, Complete the Apply for a Duplicate Ticket application form in the My account section of the website with as many details as possible, including credit or debit card details to cover the £10.00 administration fee.

Purchase a weekly 'paper' ticket by credit or debit card which will be refunded if your ticket has been stolen. A refund form can be obtained from the My account section of the website.

Please note the crime reference number and Police station that the crime was reported to on the form. If your photocard was lost or stolen with the ticket please take a passport sized photograph to any station and a new photocard will be issued free of charge. Please enter your new photocard number on to the form. Your application will be delayed if we do not receive a new photocard number or payment details.

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