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How can I buy a ticket using the mobile application?

Buying a ticket
To purchase a ticket via our application, please follow the steps below:

  • Select the 'Find a train' option from the home screen
  • You will then progress to the 'Plan journey' page where you will need to select the journey you plan to make
  • Once you have selected your journey, including departure and return dates (if applicable), you will be shown the ticket options available for your journey and their price
  • Once you have selected the ticket you wish to buy, you will be shown the restrictions that apply to that ticket
  • Continuing from this you will be asked to select the 'Payment option' you wish to use; either a card previously used to buy a ticket via the app or a new card
  • Once payment option has been selected you will be asked to input the payment card details into the application on your mobile. If a previous card has been selected, you will just need to re-enter the three digit card security code. Once completed, you will be shown a final confirmation of your journey prior to confirming the purchase
  • Selecting 'Buy tickets' on the 'Purchase details' page will purchase the ticket
  • Your ticket can now be viewed in the 'Ticket wallet' section of the application. From this page you can check the details of your ticket, including collection and validity information. Please note you may need to refresh the page for your ticket to display
  • You can collect your tickets 10 minutes after booking when you are travelling in less than 2 hours. Otherwise you can collect at any point 2 hours after the booking.
  • M-tickets will be stored within the 'Ticket wallet' and must not be deleted until the journey has been completed
  • You must activate your M-ticket just before travel and carry the payment card used to buy the ticket, which should also be in your name

All bookings made using the application are completely secure. All purchases are made directly to the debit/credit card.

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