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  • Text XC followed by a short message, with maximum 160 characters, to 88008.
  • All feedback will be monitored by the CrossCountry team and we will be publishing our response to a range of comments on this page.
  • SMS feedback messages will be charged at normal network rates.
  • Don't forget, if you have a particular enquiry that needs a personal reply, use the Contact Us page.

SMS feedback messages will be charged at normal network rates.

Latest feedback:

XC what a lovely good humoured conductor on the 0719 from wake2birm thanking everyone for their patience on crowded train

Glad to hear about our member of staff & apologies if your train was crowded, we'll pass your comments on to the crew member in question.
Date Added: 27/04/2016 09:20:31

XC Selling tickets at full price despite any simple monitoring system that would tell you there aren't any seats available on your train. Standing from BHM-LEI.

Sorry for the crowding you've experienced, we're unable to confirm the exact number of passengers due to board a train as many customers will hold flexible tickets (incl. Season tickets) that won't restrict them to a specific service.
Date Added: 23/04/2016 18:04:33

XC How do you know if a seat is reserved? Had to move twice on BHM to BUT train. No indication seats are reserved!

Apologies, it will depend on the service you boarded as all our types of train operate on that route. For our longer Voyager/High Speed Trains there will be an overhead display advising if the seat is available/reserved. For our Turbostar trains there will be a paper slip in the back of the seat advising the seat is reserved
Date Added: 23/04/2016 08:51:28

XC hi just on board the cross country to Manchester picadily and it's so hot is there any air con

All of our trains are equipped with air conditioning, apologies if it's too hot on board. Please speak to the Train Manager who may be able to assist with the temperature.
Date Added: 22/04/2016 15:53:27

XC Please praise the train manager on 1800 Brockenhurst to Coventry today. He did a fantastic job.

Thank you for letting us know about the Train Manager on the 18:00 from Brockenhurst, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to them.
Date Added: 20/04/2016 22:52:19

XC really funny guard on 14.04 Birmingham NS to Bmth today. Obviously happy in his job, great customer service. Deserves a pat on the back!

Glad to hear the Train Manager brightened up your journey, we'll be sure to pass your comments on.
Date Added: 20/04/2016 15:09:24

"XC" appalled by staff inertia at dealing with sexist, abusive, anti social behaviour

Sorry to hear, should you witness anti-social behaviour you are welcome to raise this with the British Transport Police:
Date Added: 17/04/2016 12:21:16

XC On the 8.10 from Basingstoke to Bournemouth and for the fourth day in a row I cannot buy the food I want because it is sold out! Sort out your stock process - even stuff you charge for isn't available, let alone the free croissants in 1st.

Sorry to hear of the lack of food items on board the 08:10 Basingstoke - Bournemouth service & that this has been a repeated occurrence, we'll ensure your comments are passed on to our Catering team.
Date Added: 14/04/2016 08:23:43

XC. 17.14 from Birmingham to Bournemouth. Barely standing room. Terrible

Apologies for the level of crowding on our 17:04 Birmingham New St - Bournemouth service, unfortunately on the day you travelled that service ran with fewer coaches than scheduled.
Date Added: 13/04/2016 17:36:08

XC 1630 Bristol-Birmingham. Std full 1st half full. No 1st host and std trolley no sandwiches. How about reducing full fares to match onboard service?

Apologies that the promised level of catering was not available, unfortunately there was no First Class Host available due to staff sickness & we were unable to source a replacement crew member. We will pass your comments on to our Catering team regarding the lack of sandwiches.
Date Added: 13/04/2016 17:12:47

XC I'm in coach C on the 8.07 Manchester Picadilly to Stoke. Having to endure the most offensive swearing from West Brom fans. No conductor to be seen. Gill

Sorry to hear of the antisocial behaviour you experienced while travelling with us, should you ever require assistance from a member of staff the Train Manager will normally be located behind the Driver`s cab in Coach A when not checking tickets.
Date Added: 09/04/2016 20:35:22

XC Currently on the train due to arrive at 17.59 at Manchester Picadilly. Thanks to train manager Andy for the best announcements EVER - making us all laugh!

Glad to hear that Andy brightened up your recent journey, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to him.
Date Added: 07/04/2016 17:13:57

XC i'm totally shocked that 1st class is no different than being in standard on the train from Basingstoke to Wolverhampton. I require my money back.

Sorry you feel that way, we do detail on our website the differences between Standard & First however without knowing the full details of your complaint we're unable to advise further. Should you wish to raise a formal complaint please email full details to
Date Added: 02/04/2016 18:54:20

XC I am currently on the 11.00am service from Glasgow central to Penzance travelling in first class, the steward Martin has been professional friendly and more than helpful, a real credit to the company and makes the journey somewhat more enjoyable.

Thank you for letting us know about the service delivered by Martin, we will be sure to pass your comments on to him.
Date Added: 01/04/2016 13:39:54

XC Mostly inaudible tannoy in coach D of today's Exeter st David's 1624 to leeds. Can it be turned up a bit?

Sorry to hear that the announcements in your coach were inaudible, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to our Fleet team
Date Added: 28/03/2016 16:53:13

XC I'd like to let you know that Senior Conductor Roger, currently on train to Nottingham from Gloucester, is a credit to your company: Incredibly friendly, polite and professional

Thank you for letting us know about our Senior Conductor Roger, we'll be sure to pass your comments on to him
Date Added: 26/03/2016 17:58:47

XC no power in carrige C 19.11 train to bristol from leeds and no sign of train manager. Poor.

Sorry to hear the power sockets were not working in your coach, when not checking tickets the Train Manager will normally be located behind the Driver`s cab in Coach A should you require any assistance.
Date Added: 22/03/2016 19:59:23

XC Cross Country (smelly train) robbery. I couldn't upgrade to 1st class unless I bought a completely new ticket. Other train companies just charge the difference. Fraudulent filthy trains

Apologies, with Standard Class Advance fares they cannot be excessed to First Class on board or used with the Weekend Upgrade offer during weekends/Bank Holidays. Any excesses to First Class would have to be made prior to your train's departure at a manned ticket office.
Date Added: 20/03/2016 12:24:37

XC Why is it deemed acceptable for the 8.20am service from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, a 2.5 hour journey, to have absolutely no catering, not even a glass of water available?

As per our timetable our services between Aberdeen & Edinburgh do not operate with catering, as we do not have a service centre at Aberdeen we are unable to provide catering on services that operate between these two stations. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Date Added: 17/03/2016 15:27:00

Xc great services provided for cheltenham this week. Keep it up!

Glad to hear the extra services we've provided have been of help to you this week.
Date Added: 17/03/2016 13:19:59


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