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Season tickets (4)

Will I get a discount when I renew my Season ticket?

Customer charter discounts
Train Operators are set performance targets for delays and cancellations by the Government. They use these to set a trigger level for discounting Season tickets that last a month or more when they are renewed. This information should be published on posters at your local station, in the Train Company's Passenger Charter and can often be found on their website. Trainline receive this information directly from the Association of Train Operating Companies and will automatically apply any discount due to your ticket on renewal.

Void days or lost days
Your Train Operator from time to time is required to reimburse you for major disruption to your train service. You must have a valid ticket for that day(s). This information is distributed to all Train Operators by the Association of Train Operating Companies. Each Train Operator has its own policy and procedures for reimbursement. We therefore advise you to contact your local station or your Train Operator's Customer Services.

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Can I use a Young Persons Railcard with my Season ticket?

As Season tickets are already discounted, you cannot use any form of Railcard with them.

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I don't travel everyday; can I still have a Season ticket?

Season tickets are usually most beneficial for those who are travelling at least three times a week.

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Why have I not received a full refund for tickets I purchased when I left my Season ticket at home?

If you have applied for a refund on tickets purchased because you could not produce your Season ticket at the time of travel, fares are refunded as follows:

  • First Occasion - Full refund (no administration fee is charged)
  • Second Occasion - Refund less administration fee (£10.00)
  • Third and any subsequent occasion in a 12-month period - No Refund.

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