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Please only travel if essential on Sunday 3 December, services are expected to be extremely busy due to industrial action and engineering work affecting other train operators - more information

We are aware of the ASLEF Union's plans for industrial action at CrossCountry on Thursday 7 December, and action short of a strike between Friday 1 to Saturday 9 December – more information


A little comfort goes a long way

Treat yourself to a little comfort thanks to our team up with Seatfrog.

You can enjoy the perks of a First Class upgrade from £5 with a £3 platform fee* seven days a week. Which means you can enjoy all the benefits that the CrossCountry First Class experience** has to offer – including free WiFi, complimentary food and drink***, additional legroom and table space.

All you need to do is follow the three easy steps below:

Once your bid has been successful, we’ll send your upgrade direct to the Seatfrog app.

Click below to download the app from the relevant app store.



*Terms and conditions apply.

**Please note that we are unable to offer our full menu on our Cardiff-Birmingham-Nottingham and Birmingham-Stansted routes. A reduced selection of tea, coffee and water plus a selection biscuits and cold sandwiches will be available on trains where catering is provided. All items and offers listed are subject to availability, may change or may be withdrawn at any time.

***Complimentary drinks and snacks, and free WiFi are all subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.



Seatfrog is an app that enables customers to bid for an upgrade to First Class, when they have purchased an eligible Standard class ticket and are travelling on an eligible service which has availability in First Class.

Seatfrog currently supports all Standard train tickets when purchasing an upgrade for CrossCountry.

Seatfrog upgrades to First Class are available for selected CrossCountry journeys along the following routes:
• Bournemouth to Manchester
• Bristol to Manchester
• Penzance to Edinburgh/Glasgow/Aberdeen
• Reading to Newcastle
This excludes any CrossCountry journeys along our Cardiff to Nottingham, and Birmingham to Stansted routes.
Download the Seatfrog app now to check if your CrossCountry journey is applicable for a First Class upgrade.

  1. Simply enter your booking reference or search for your train on the Seatfrog app to get started and we’ll show you what upgrades are available.
  2. Seatfrog will notify you 24hrs before departure if there is an upgrade available and an auction starts.
  3. Place as many bids as you like before the time ends.
  4. If you win the auction, Seatfrog will process your payment and generate a new ticket straight to your phone so you can take your seat and relax.

Yes, you can, there is an “Upgrade Now” price in Seatfrog. You can “Upgrade Now” anytime from adding your trip to 30 mins before departure.

Users who have an eligible Standard train ticket for the selected CrossCountry service they wish to upgrade to.

Auctions start approximately 24 hours before and end 30 mins before the train departures.

Seatfrog will issue you a First Class ticket straight to your phone. You’ll also receive this in an e-mail confirmation with your upgrade receipt.
Present your new First Class ticket alongside the existing Standard class ticket to the Train Manager for inspection.

Upgrade availability is dependent on how busy the service is. Seatfrog won’t allow you to bid for more seats than are available in an auction and also doesn’t run on trains that are expected to be busy.

It is free to bid for an upgrade. You only pay if you win.

Auctions start approximately 24 hours before departure. Just make sure you turn notifications on and Seatfrog will do the rest, notifying you as soon as an upgrade is available and an auction has started.

  • Yes! Just select how many upgrades you want and start bidding.
  • The app won’t let you select more upgrades than are available on the service.
  • Everyone you are bidding for must hold their eligible ticket to travel.
  • Seatfrog will try to accommodate your group as best as possible, however, due to seating being allocated in advance, it can’t be guaranteed that you will be sitting together with your travelling companion(s).

You can bid as many times as you like. For bids to be accepted they must be higher than the reserve or current price in the auction. To win make sure you have the highest bid when time’s up.

We make sure your bid is hidden from other bidders, so you can’t see theirs either.

Simple. As soon as you want to place a bid, Seatfrog will ask you to register your preferred payment card and this will be charged if you win the upgrade.

Seatfrog generates a tax receipt with your First Class ticket and emails you a copy, so you don’t need to do anything.

Seatfrog will place you in the best seat available as soon as you win the upgrade.

If you are travelling with someone Seatfrog will do its best to seat you with your travel companion(s), but it can’t always be guaranteed.

Just show the Train Manager your new barcode ticket in the Seatfrog app along with your current Standard train ticket. The Train Manager will check both tickets. 

Customers should only pass through gates at stations with their existing Standard ticket.

  • If you win an upgrade and your trip is delayed, you may still be able to use your upgrade. Please contact your travel provider for more information.
  • If your trip is cancelled, you will need to contact your travel provider directly.

Seatfrog will try to stop auctions where possible if there is any expected severe disruption. Further upgrades will not be available for affected services.

You can only use your Seatfrog upgrade on the selected service, so if you miss your train, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use your upgrade on a later service.

Please be aware that if you can't produce your Seatfrog upgrade and your original ticket to the Train Manager you may be asked to pay the full cost of a First Class ticket. You’ll also receive your upgrade via e-mail so make sure your phone is charged!

You can access the ‘Help’ section in the Seatfrog app or the website or e-mail Seatfrog on [email protected].

Seatfrog upgrades come with the same benefits of a normal First Class ticket. For the latest list of First Class features, please visit our First Class page.


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