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A man in a blue overshirt knitting in a workshop surrounded by wool

Wooly Wonders: Knitting in Cambridge

Ever wondered how tricky it is to knit? Adam Smith takes a train to Cambridge to find out – and creates something to show for it.

Last-Minute Day Trip Ideas

Horse racing in Devon, brewing in the Midlands and a pilgrimage for cinema fans in Sheffield. Just some of the offbeat places you can visit on CrossCountry trains – just climb aboard and open the doors onto a new experience, a new destination, and exciting new days of adventure.

Beach huts lined up on the beach front with a glowing sunny view
Gyles Brandreth stood on stage at the Theatre Royal Nottingham gesturing towards the auditorium

Gyles Brandreth explores the Theatre Royal Nottingham

Gyles Brandreth enjoys taking trains, especially when indulging in his hobby of visiting theatres. He recounts his latest expedition to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham.

Five Must-Visit Romantic Destinations

Take a CrossCountry train to travel in the footsteps of Jane Austen or visit the top honeymoon destination in Britain – all you need to do is climb aboard and open the doors to a new experience, a new destination, and exciting new days of adventure.

A statue of a lion in front of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. with green trees and a lawn
Historical chimneys at the Stoke-on-Trent potteries, with a church tower in the background

Nine Historical Day Trips

The heart of golfing country, the burial site of Richard III and a museum dedicated to the world’s most famous football club are all easily accessible by CrossCountry trains. Just step aboard and open the doors to a new experience, a new destination, and an exciting new day of adventure.

Adventures in Space & Time at the Doctor Who Experience

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff proves an ideal day out for Mary Trussler and her son Matthew, with the added novelty of multidimensional journeys by train.

A young boy enjoys the TARDIS centre console in the Doctor Who Experience
A couple ballroom dancing on a dance floor with vintage inspired decor surrounding

Learn Ballroom Dancing with Yorkshire's Finest

Why not try something new and learn ballroom dancing? Unlock the secrets of the foxtrot, tango, and the American Smooth. Dancing is a great reason to explore the country too, with so many dance shows and workshops to attend.

Eight of Britain's Cathedrals

Some of Great Britain’s lesser known cathedrals are just as interesting. From Winchester, Europe’s longest Gothic cathedral, to the vast Ely Cathedral near Cambridge, the history of England in stone is just a train ride away. Why not visit a different Cathedral and explore somewhere new.

Dramatic view of York Minster from below with gothic architecture
A stack of Melton Mowbray Pork Pies with a sign denoting their price

Five British Food Experiences

Whether it’s a proper pork pie or a Balti curry, the CrossCountry network serves Britain’s best and most innovative food destinations.

Embrace Yoga

Trying something new makes you feel good. And that’s doubly true of yoga, which is enjoying a nationwide boom.

Embrace yoga and find yourself in a new position
Man sat at the potter's wheel making a pot out of clay

Pottery in Chesterfield

Ever been tempted to craft your own pot? The JMJ Pottery in Chesterfield offers anybody who is interested the chance to become a potter.

Sausage Roll Masterclass

How many adults leave school in their teens or early twenties with a promise to never return to any kind of classroom? Yorkshire's sausage roll masterclass might change your mind.

Man taking part in a sausage roll masterclass in Yorkshire, wearing a green apron
A row of Tudor style houses with thatched roofs, featuring stunning wisteria and a green lawn

Seven Offbeat Days in Britain

Some destinations traditionally attract plenty of visitors, especially by train, but there are also many under-appreciated towns in Britain which provide a splendid day out.

Whale-Watching on the Cornish Coast

Paddy Magrane took a CrossCountry train and joined a whale-watching trip from Penzance. His day out was a revelation.

Man sat on the front of a boat with a telescope and life-jacket on a whale watching trip
An owl landing on a log as part of a bird display

Falconry in Cheltenham

Experience something new on a day out. Try walking with a hawk on your arm through Cheltenham Spa.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Paddy Magrane takes a CrossCountry train before fulfilling a lifelong ambition and taking to the sky in a hot-air balloon.

Man standing in a deflating hot air balloon, purple in colour

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