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We are aware of the ASLEF Union's plans for industrial action at CrossCountry on Thursday 7 December, and action short of a strike between Friday 1 to Saturday 9 December – more information

Please only travel if essential on Sunday 3 December, services are expected to be extremely busy due to industrial action and engineering work affecting other train operators - more information

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The information below highlights some key points in relation to your responsibilities as well as outlining where you can obtain further information.

We expect our customers to board our trains with a valid ticket for travel where the facilities exist for you to buy one before boarding, and it is your responsibility to have purchased a valid ticket before travelling. It is also your responsibility to produce this ticket when asked.

If you are unable to do so, you may be required to give your name, address and other information to a member of our staff.  These are requirements under the National Conditions of Travel and the National Railway Byelaws. It is important the information you provide is truthful and accurate so that we can help resolve things as quickly as possible for you.

We understand that things can sometimes go wrong and our staff are trained to consider all the circumstances involved and to use their discretion with the information given. You may be given a warning or the matter could be subject to further investigation.

What Happens Next?

If you have received an 'unpaid fares notice' you must either pay or appeal to: IRCAS PO Box 212, Petersfield, GU32 9BQ within 21 days.

Not all matters are dealt with as an unpaid fare and if the member of staff you spoke to informed you the matter is being sent to CrossCountry for further investigation, this means you have been reported for a 'travel irregularity' and will receive a letter outlining what will happen next.

It is important you follow the instructions provided as soon as you receive them and respond within 21 days. You have the right to appeal and, should you wish to do so, information on how to do this will be included in the letter you receive.

Failure to follow this process to resolve the matter could lead to a criminal prosecution where appropriate.

In the event of no further action being taken, any similar occurrences may still result in legal proceedings.

The information is intended to help you understand the process involved and does not replace any appropriate legal advice you may choose to seek.

CrossCountry acts in line with the railway industry's codes of practice and in the interests of its fare paying customers. We will always aim to recover fares due for journeys being made to be fair to everyone.

View full details of our Prosecutions policy, together with links to the National Rail Conditions of Travel and the National Railway Byelaws.


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