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Get travel information on the go with our free 'Train Tickets' App

Changes to our App

To provide you with a better user experience, we are making some updates to the existing CrossCountry Train Tickets app. Don’t worry, all the features you know and love will still be available.  If you have a ticket stored in the app and are due to travel after the 30 November, please make sure you update your app in the Play Store or App Store before this date to ensure all current tickets stored in the existing version are transferred over to the new version.

Please note if you are a Windows or Blackberry app user, you will need to download tickets by 30 November. Following this date the app will no longer be supported and tickets will be lost.

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 Our handy App gives you all this information directly to your phone

  • Mobile tickets so you can avoid the queues
  • Live train times
  • Up to date travel information
  • Platform information

 Plus, search any train operator for any UK journey - and we guarantee no booking fees!

  • Buy up to 10 minutes before departure.
  • Conveniently purchase and download tickets to your phone.
  • Faster booking with your favourite journeys saved for your next trip.

Download our 'Train Tickets' app from one of the stores below:



You can now avoid the ticket office queue by purchasing your ticket on our website, mobile site or your smartphone, and immediately get them sent to your device via our app. All you need to do is download the CrossCountry App. 

To travel, simply click the ‘activate’ button on the screen before you travel. Gone are the days of queuing up at ticket offices or ticket machines.  If you’re travelling from a station with a ticket gate, simply tap it on the barcode reader, and the gate will open for you. If a barcode reader is not available then a member of staff will be able to help. On board, simply show the screen to the inspector, who will be able to scan your barcode.  We are now selling m-Tickets on the majority of CrossCountry routes; in addition, you can use them on other train companies’ services. 

Please don't forget to charge your mobile in advance of travel; if you are unable to display your m-Ticket, a new ticket at the full fare will have to be purchased in order to travel. It’s your responsibility to make sure there is sufficient battery so your ticket can be seen.

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