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We have a very limited amount of space on our trains to store luggage, here is some advice on how to make your journey with us as smooth as possible. Remember, you need to be able to carry your luggage and lift it on and off the train.

We have made some luggage improvements to many of our trains so that it is easier for customers to find our on-board luggage storage. 

What can I bring on board?

We strongly recommend that you bring one item of luggage, which measures a maximum of 90cm by 70cm by 30cm, because of the limited amount of storage space on board our trains. A handbag, small rucksack or satchel bag can be stored under the seat in front of you or on your lap. Soft bags and small cases are easier to store and will be more secure in the overhead racks. Pushchairs are welcome on board, please fold before boarding the train and store with luggage.

Any luggage in excess of this may be subject to an additional charge on board our services, in line with the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Please ask permission from the Train Manager before boarding with large items of luggage. Large items of luggage, such as skis, can only be taken on board if they are able to be safely stored in the luggage area and if this has been agreed with the Train Manager. However, surfboards and snowboards cannot be taken on board our services. 

Where can I store my luggage?

All of our trains have storage available:

  • Under the seat in front of you

Handbags and small shopping bags are suitable to store under a seat.

  • Above every seat in overhead racks

Rucksacks and hand luggage can find adequate space in the overhead racks.

  • Near the entrance to each coach for larger luggage items

Luggage Rack voyager

Larger suitcases and large rucksacks can be stored in the carriage luggage area.

Our Voyager trains have a dedicated luggage area in Coach D for easy storage of larger bags.

Special Luggage Couch D

If you are travelling far with a large amount of luggage, Coach D is the place to be

What if I have a large amount of luggage?

If you do have a large amount of luggage, as a CrossCountry customer, you are entitled to a 15% discount on your booking. The service provides luggage delivery services on weekdays throughout the UK. The 'door to door' facility can remove the inconvenience and struggle normally associated with luggage, allowing you to start enjoying your journey sooner.

Luggage improvements on our Voyager trains

Our Voyagers run from Aberdeen to Penzance and Manchester to Bournemouth.

We have improved the visibility of our dedicated luggage area across our Voyager trains, through two areas of improvement:

1. A label has been placed on the exterior of our Coach D on all of our Voyager trains. This highlights to customers prior to boarding where the large luggage space on-board is located. 

Exterior of voyager showing where extra luggage space is available


2. We have implemented on-board labels to highlight the coach where extra luggage racks are located, to make this more visable to you.

Interior of voyager showing where the extra luggage space is available


If you are travelling with a large amount of luggage on a Voyager service, please check your seat reservation. If you wish to make use of the dedicated luggage area in Coach D, you may also want to amend your seat reservation by visiting our contact us page. Please note that seat reservations are subject to availability.

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