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Travelling with Arriva buses

Information on the range of tickets available for Arriva bus travel

Arriva Bus Tickets

CrossCountry is part of the Arriva group, which also operates bus services in eight regions across Great Britain.

If you're planning to travel regularly on Arriva buses you may well save money if you buy one of a range of great value multi-journey Saver tickets.

With these you can make as many journeys as you want on Arriva buses within defined zones for 1 day or periods of 7 or 28 consecutive days. You can buy selected Weekly Saver tickets and all 4-Weekly Saver tickets online.

An Arriva Day Saver - letting you make as many trips as you want for a whole day on Arriva buses in a specified zone

  1. Brilliant if you need to make several journeys during the day or need to change buses on your way there and back
  2. Just buy from the driver on the first Arriva bus you board.

An Arriva Weekly Saver - giving unlimited travel for 7 consecutive days on Arriva buses in a specified zone

  • Use it to and from work in the week and then you or someone else in your family can use it to go out and about in the evenings and at the weekend
  • Buy from the driver or through your local PayPoint outlet.

An Arriva 4-Weekly Saver - for 28 consecutive days travel on Arriva buses in a specified zone. Buy online and save 10%!

  • For the greatest savings, a 4-Weekly Saver ticket gives for you and other family members the freedom to travel on Arriva buses for 4 weeks in your chosen zone.
  • Buy online (and save 10% on the normal price) or through your local PayPoint outlet.

For more information, including prices and route maps, and to buy your 4-Weekly Saver ticket online, click on the relevant region below (please note you will be taken through to the Arriva bus website).


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