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What is eProcurement at CrossCountry?

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Our perspective on eProcurement is to use technology as effectively as possible for the process of purchasing goods and services. This will include utilising e-mail, online technology, eSourcing (Oracle), and Social Media (Twitter) to trade and communicate more effectively than traditional paper methods.

Our eProcurement process utilises e-mail Purchase Orders which can be received within minutes of initially being placed.

All our Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Goods Receipting is authorised electronically, which means correct invoices will be processed instantly and payments will be received in accordance to agreed payment terms.

An obvious benefit for both parties is that through investing in eProcurement we would hope to reduce the total consumption of paper normally associated with this process. This allows us to initiate the online ordering process and can be used for requests, approvals, purchase orders and receipting, this combined with the CrossCountry financial system enables the automation of invoice matching, invoice processing and payments. The ordering process is entirely self-service and allows our employees to create, manage and track their own orders while the Purchasing team retains central control.

We continue to invest time and resource to develop electronic RFI's, RFQ's and eAuctions through the use of the Oracle eSourcing suite and encourage our suppliers to engage in new technology to drive efficiency and quality improvements.

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