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The Best Lavender Fields in the UK

Monday 14 March 2022

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Nothing screams summer more than the sight and smell of a lavender field. This prettiest of purple flowers is harvested in July but blooms from June to September, making it synonymous with sunny skies and high temperatures.

While lavender is found in abundance in the South of France, there’s no need to cross the Channel; the UK is absolutely teeming with fields of lilac bloom. Many of the UK’s biggest farms also produce their own goods, from creams to jams, so you can shop and support local. If you’re looking for the perfect purple day out, look no further than the best lavender fields in the UK.

The Lavender Fields, Hampshire

Lavender fields at sunset

Seven different types of lavender are grown on The Lavender Fields in Hampshire, including Edeleweiss, Hidcote, Folgate and Little Lady. The fields are set against Selborne Hanger, a densely dark woodland which contrasts beautifully with the floods of lilac. Open all-year round, a wide range of local products are sold, including body care, giftware, and home items. The handmade lavender hand cream is our personal favourite.

Cotswold Lavender, Worcestershire

Cotswold Lavender is probably the most famous lavender field on our list, and for good reason. It’s a stunning farm of lilac sights and scents from June to August (when the farm tends to shut down for the year). You only have a short window within which to visit, but visit you must – a gorgeous tearoom serving up sweet treats tops off a great summer day out.

Hitchin Lavender, Hertfordshire

One of the closest lavender fields to London, Hitchin Lavender in Hertfordshire is 25 acres of luscious lilac. Perfect views are the backdrop to a 17th century barn-turned café, serving up all manner of delightful treats. If floods of purple lavender flowers weren’t enough, sunflowers and other wildflowers can be found growing at the height of summer.

Yorkshire Lavender Farm, Yorkshire

At 60 acres, Yorkshire Lavender Farm is one of the largest lavender fields in the UK. It’s the complete package, with a Mediterranean dry garden, lavender maze, and sensory garden on top of the blossoming lavender. A tearoom serves up unique treats, including lavender ice cream, while the shop sells homemade beauty products straight from the flower itself.

Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

Lavender fields with mountains in background

While the plants blossom at Mayfield Lavender Farm between June and September, visit in July for the densest purples and deepest scents. The 25 acres of rolling lilac is a sight to behold, with row after row begging to be explored. Visitors will discover a strange London telephone box in the middle of the field, while an onsite café serves hot drinks and treats.

Somerset Lavender, Somerset

Somerset Lavender is home to one of the largest varieties of lavender plant in the UK, with 20 in total. They were first planted in 2003, and have since grown to create a stunning sea of lilac in the Somerset countryside. You’ll also find more than 50,000 other plants, including herbs and other useful varieties.

Caley Mill, Norfolk

Visiting Caley Mill in Norfolk is like taking a step back in time. The lavender farm – created in the 1930s – is set around an old corn mill, with a working lavender distillery still open to the public. The ten acres of lavender fields are walkable, with guided tours to take you around and explain the site’s history. There’s also a garden centre selling an array of plants for you to take back home.

Lordington Lavender, Chichester

Lavender flowers up close

Lordington Lavender is a special place, not only because of its stunning lilac ocean, but because that ocean is only open one week every year. Perfect foliage is home to an array of wildlife, from bees to birds. As it’s a special occasion, don’t forget to grab some homemade goodies, including soaps, sprays, and oils.

Castle Farm, Kent

At 130 acres, Castle Farm in Kent is home to the largest lavender field in the UK. They’re surrounded by stunning Kent countryside, with tours taking a whole hour to show you the most densely purple areas. You’ll also learn about how lavender is made into oil and other products, as well as the different varieties found in the UK. Picnics are allowed, so make sure you bring some purple-themed treats for the journey.


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