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Introducing Attic Brew Co. on CrossCountry Trains

Thursday 16 February 2023

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If, like the CrossCountry team, you’re local to Birmingham, you probably already know all about Attic Brew Co., but if you don’t, then you’re in for a treat. One of the giants of small breweries have officially teamed up with CrossCountry to serve three of their most refreshing and delicious signature brews onboard our trains. Both CrossCountry and Attic Brew are extremely excited to bring you forward-thinking beer as you set off on your rail adventures.

Attic Brew Co. – A Bit of Brum

Based between Stirchley and Bournville, Attic Brew Co. has been serving innovative, locally brewed beers to the wider Birmingham community since 2018. With an array of signature brews now available in their online store and their Stirchley taproom, it only made sense that the next step in spreading the word about Attic Brew Co. was to bring some of their most popular varieties on board CrossCountry Trains. From Birmingham to all over the UK!

The CrossCountry network spans across the UK, connecting Birmingham to Leeds, York to Bristol, and even Penzance to Aberdeen. In all of the local communities our trains reach and connect, we love to see local businesses bringing people together. And this is just what Attic does with their beer.

Attic Brew Co. is a true local legend in Birmingham. The founders set out with a vision to create Brum-based, forward-thinking beer, and to spread the love far and wide, and this passion for local produce has fostered a community hub all rooted in the love of great beer. With the support of the people of Birmingham, Attic Brew Co. has brewed an astounding 213 different beers and now offers an impeccably good core range.

Collaboration with CrossCountry

When we set about shaking up our catering offering on board our trains, it was especially important to CrossCountry that we showcase and support incredible local businesses across the CrossCountry network. Attic Brew and CrossCountry share a vision of supporting and boosting local businesses in Birmingham, and with beer as good as Attic Brew’s, it was a clear choice for adding to our on-board menu!

“We’ve always loved Birmingham and wanted to promote it at any given opportunity, that’s why we’re so excited to be working with CrossCountry trains. Being across their whole network gives us a great platform to shout about beer, to shout about Birmingham, and to tell everybody what a great city this is.” - Oli, Founder, Attic Brew Co. 

Attic Brew's full product offering of alcoholic beverages on a shelf

CrossCountry’s Head of Catering, Raj is excited to “refresh our onboard catering offering” with Attic’s incredible locally brewed beers, while supporting small businesses that are local to the key cities on the CrossCountry network. Raj also made sure to note that “this is only the beginning of our partnership and we look forward to launching their new products over the coming months.”

With exciting partnerships to come between CrossCountry and your favourite regional small businesses, make sure to keep an eye on CrossCountry’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.

Attic Brew On-board

We’re delighted to say that CrossCountry passengers can now choose from a range of three Attic Brew Co. beers onboard our trains! From light citrus to punchy bitterness, always balanced perfectly for a refreshing beverage, these beers transform any rail journey into a unique beer-tasting experience.

Intuition Pale Ale

Of course we couldn’t collaborate with Attic Brew Co. without serving their flagship beer – Intuition Pale Ale. This exceptional pale ale carries flavours of pineapple and ripe peaches, matched with a bitter finish for the ultimate refreshing beer. Available on CrossCountry trains in a 330ml can.

Birmingham Pilsner

Embodying the love of Birmingham that first brought CrossCountry and Attic Brew Co. together, this Pilsner represents a love of all things Brummy! Proudly brewed in Birmingham, which Attic maintains is the best place for brewing lager thanks to the soft water, this Pilsner is a classic lager style with a refreshing combination of sweetness and bitterness. Available on CrossCountry trains in a 330ml can.

Attic Brew Birmingham Pilsner can and glass

Signals IPA

An Attic Brew IPA inspired by Birmingham railway – what could be a better fit for CrossCountry? Raj, CrossCountry's Head of Catering, celebrated the launch of Signals; “[Attic Brew’s] trademark IPA with artwork inspired by the control panel of New Street Station's iconic signal box,… 'Signals is a bit of Brum' fitting for CrossCountry”.

Indeed, this citrus and stone fruit infused IPA has notes of grapefruit, apricot, and blackcurrant to craft a punchy, refreshing beer. Available on CrossCountry trains in a 330ml can.

Read more about our Food & Drink menu onboard our trains.

Please be aware that alcoholic beverages are served to passengers aged 18+ only. Please drink responsibly.


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Written by Abby

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