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Train ticket refunds and amendments

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Refunds and amending tickets 

For tickets purchased with us using our site, CrossCountry app, Seasons site or telesales, please refer to the information below. Otherwise, please contact your original retailer.

Advance train tickets

Ticket type

Can I change my ticket?

Can I get a refund?      

Advance train tickets

You can amend your Advance train ticket without paying a £10.00 admin fee with CrossCountry 

You may change your date and time of travel, but your origin and destination must remain the same. 

Any changes must be made before 18:00 the day before the original travel date.

Advance tickets are not refundable.

However, if the train you purchased a ticket for is cancelled a refund will be provided. 

Season tickets

Season tickets can be refunded at any time, but there must be at least three days remaining on a weekly Season ticket, or seven days remaining on a monthly or longer Season ticket to obtain a refund. Refunds are not pro-rata as the unit cost of a Season ticket decreases as the period of validity increases. Annual Season tickets have little to no refund value if they have been used for more than 10 months, 12 days.

For more information and to see how much you could get back for your Season ticket, visit the National Rail website and use the Season Ticket Refund Calculator tool.

To request a refund for your Season ticket please contact our Web Support team on [email protected].

Other tickets

Ticket type

Can I change my ticket?

Can I get a refund?      

All other tickets with the exception of Season tickets

As your ticket is flexible, please check to see if it is valid for when you would like to travel. Otherwise, you can apply for a refund if requested within 28 days of the expiry of your ticket.

A £10 admin fee applies. A refund must be claimed within 28 days of the ticket expiry.

The £10 admin fee will not apply for service cancellations.

Please note refunds can take up to 5 working days to process once received by our team.

If you have a paper ticket and wish to make a refund, please contact Web Support and they will provide directions on how to process. 

Next steps

You can change your ticket in the My Account section of our site or mobile app. If you purchased your ticket without being logged into your account or do not hold an account, you can register and add your guest booking to your account by following the “Login to manage your booking” link, found at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail. Alternatively, please contact Web Support.

If you are applying for a refund due to a service cancellation please contact Web Support using the contact information above.

Delay Repay 

We aim to provide the most punctual service possible. However, when delays occur, we may be able to provide you compensation in line with our Passenger Charter and the National Rail Conditions of Travel. If your train journey with us has been delayed by 30 minutes or more to the destination detailed on your ticket, you will be entitled to compensation.

You can find our Delay Repay service here.

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