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Enjoy Free WiFi on all CrossCountry Trains

Make the most of your journey with free WiFi on board all CrossCountry trains.*

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Connect to CrossCountry WiFi On Board

We know how important it is to stay connected, so we've made sure that passengers can connect to a free wireless network when travelling on CrossCountry trains. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, you can make the most of your journey on our trains. Available in both Standard and First Class carriages, passengers can connect to our free WiFi network on board.

Terms & Conditions

To ensure that all passengers can make use of our WiFi on board, we have in place a Fair Usage Policy. 

Some sites use a greater amount of bandwidth, so access to these sites is restricted.  CrossCountry WiFi cannot be used for:

  • TV streaming sites (e.g. BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+)
  • Uploading & downloading very large files
  • File sharing (e.g. BitTorrent)
  • Video sharing sites or calls (e.g. YouTube, Zoom)

Additionally, we reserve the right to restrict connection speed if a single user's level of use is deemed excessive, and therefore detrimental to other users. Usage of over 70MB in Standard or 100MB in First Class, within a 2-hour period, is deemed excessive and is therefore subject to restriction. Access to on-board WiFi will be reduced if a user reaches maximum usage.

WiFi Support

If you experience any issues joining or using our WiFi network, please contact our WiFi service provider NOMAD Digital:

*WiFi access is subject to availability. Terms & Conditions apply.

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