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Flexible travel is now made even easier thanks to our partnership with Seatfrog. With Train Swap, you can change your train, without having to change your plans.

The power is in your hands. Swap the original departure time of your CrossCountry Advance train ticket, to one on the same day, that better suits your new plans. Swaps are open one day in advance and up to 15 minutes before departure, just ‘Swap & Go’. You can head home early, or stick around until closing time, it’s up to you. With Train Swap, you’re always in control of your journey.

Step 1:

Find your train

Search for your existing train to start your Train Swap. We'll let you know if your existing train is eligible for a swap in a matter of moments.

Step 2:

Pick a new one

We'll show you a list of all the CrossCountry trains available for Train Swap. You can switch to any eligible same-day service from £10*, ticket swaps are available one day in advance until 15 minutes before your original departure time.

Step 3:

Swap & Go

Once you've confirmed your trip details and secured your CrossCountry Train Swap, we'll e-mail you a shiny new Swap barcode.

Once you've confirmed your trip details and secured your CrossCountry Train Swap, we'll e-mail you a shiny new Swap barcode.

Visit the Seatfrog website and swap trains from £10*.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Can I swap my train for one departing at a later date?

Unfortunately not, you can only swap trains for the same day of travel as your original ticket.

Can I swap my origin and destination using Train Swap?

Unfortunately not, you should contact your ticket provider directly to change your origin and destination.

What if I require passenger assistance or a wheelchair space reservation?

If you have assisted travel requirements or you require wheelchair space reservations, please contact the relevant rail company to check availability before buying a Train Swap.

Do I need to keep my original ticket?

Yes, you do. A Seatfrog Train Swap is a supplementary barcode you must carry along with your original ticket when travelling.

Which ticket do I use to pass through the barrier?

Please use your original ticket to pass through the barrier. If there is an issue getting through, please talk to a colleague at the train station and show them the valid Train Swap barcode.

How will I receive my ticket?

You will receive your Swap ticket, once confirmed, via e-mail. Within the e-mail will be a barcode. You will need to present this along with your original ticket on the day.

What if I need a bike space reservation?

Due to the last-minute nature of the Train Swap platform, we cannot guarantee the availability of bike spaces on-board trains. If you have an existing bike space reservation, please contact the rail company directly to check availability before purchasing a Train Swap.

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