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Train Season Tickets

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If there’s a journey you take regularly, like your commute or a school run, buying a Season Ticket is a great way to make savings, be more flexible, and spend less time queuing for tickets. You can buy a Season Ticket for either seven days or any period between one month and a year.

What are Season Tickets?

If you are planning to make a regular journey for a week, month, or year, a Season Ticket enables you to make an unlimited number of trips in both directions between two selected stations. This means that you have more flexibility in your schedule and can travel when best suits you.

There are a few different options when it comes to Season Tickets, including weekly, monthly, or annual tickets. Plus, if you're travelling semi-regularly but not often enough to buy a Season Ticket, you can buy a Flexi Season Ticket, which offers discounted travel on regular journeys.

Benefits of Season Tickets

Season Tickets can make your regular journeys easier and more affordable by saving you time and money on your commute. You can enjoy unlimited travel on your regular route, with discounted prices on Season Tickets compared to Day tickets.

In general, tickets with a longer duration come with greater savings. Plus, travelling with a Season Ticket means that you don't need to queue to buy tickets as often, saving you extra time. 

In some areas, you can use multi-modal tickets, meaning that you can buy Season Tickets suitable for train, bus, and tram travel.

How to Buy a CrossCountry Season Ticket

Buying a Season Ticket for travelling on CrossCountry trains has never been easier. Using our Season Ticket calculator, explore options and choose the Season Ticket that best suits your travel. All you need to do is input your origin and destination stations, and a few other details, and you can compare options and prices to find the right Season Ticket for you.

Once you know which Season Ticket to buy, you can do this online or using the CrossCountry app. To buy a Season Ticket, you will need a photocard, which you can get free-of-charge from your local ticket office - simply bring a passport style picture of yourself.


Annual Season Tickets

Get the best value for money season ticket available, so you can spend your savings on the things you love. Ideal for any journey maker who knows they’re going to be a regular on a route for a year.

  • Enjoy unlimited travel between two stations for a whole year.
  • The best value for money season ticket.
  • Travel at any time of the day.
  • Enjoy further 1/3 discounts in some parts of the UK.

Weekly Season Tickets

Got a busy week of travelling? A weekly train ticket may be the best option for you. Enjoy endless travel between two stations for seven consecutive days with a weekly season ticket. So, the more you travel, the more you save! Enjoy the benefits of weekly season tickets:

  • Cheaper than five Anytime Return Tickets.
  • Can start any day of the week.
  • Unlimited travel between two stations for seven days.
  • Travel any time of day.

Monthly Plus Season Tickets

Save even more with a Monthly Plus Season Ticket. Working like the weekly season ticket, get unlimited travel between two stations for a whole calendar month. Meaning you can travel more, for less, with a monthly train ticket. Benefits of a Monthly season ticket include:

  • Cheaper than buying four weekly train tickets.
  • Unlimited travel between two stations for one whole month.
  • Travel any time of the day.

Flexi Season Tickets

The perfect option if you're commuting to work only two or three times a week. A Flexi Season Ticket provides customers 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two named stations.

  • Great for flexible work-from-home commuters.
  • The flexibility of travelling within 28 days.
  • Travel any time of the day.
  • Available as a barcode ticket on selected routes.

Season Ticket Savings

Getting a season ticket is not only convenient, but it's also a great way to save more on your travel too. 

  • Annual Season tickets are valid for 52 weeks but costs the same as 40 Weekly Season Tickets.
  • Monthly Season tickets are valid for a calendar month and is cheaper than 4 Weekly Season Tickets.
  • Weekly Season tickets are valid for 7 days and are cheaper than 5 Anytime Day Return tickets.
  • Flexi Season tickets allow travel 8 times within 28 days, priced between the cost of an Anytime Day Return and a Weekly Season ticket

Adding a Railcard to your Season Ticket

You can even apply a further discount to your Season ticket with some Railcards, depending on which Railcard you have. Not all Railcards are eligible to add to Season Tickets. Railcards help you make savings on more than just Season Tickets, and there are plenty of types to apply for.

Our Seasons Support Team can assist you if you need to change your Season ticket or apply for a refund. Please get in touch with our team on 0371 244 2389.

If your journey was delayed and you would like to claim compensation, please apply online using our Delay Repay form.

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