Season tickets

Beat the bustle and avoid the queues

Season tickets are great for avoiding the queues at the station and give you back those few extra minutes – perfect for one more hit of the snooze button.


Weekly, monthly, monthly plus (any number of days between one month and one year) and annual Season tickets are available to buy online using the link above or below.

Most Season journeys are available on Smartcards making it much easier than collecting at the station or waiting for the post to arrive. To find out more about using a Smartcard for your Season tickets just visit

Weekly Season tickets

Weekly season tickets are valid for seven consecutive days and can start on any day of the week. They usually cost less than five Anytime Day Return / Anytime Return tickets too!

Monthly Season tickets – save even more!

Monthly Season tickets are valid for one calendar month and can start on any day of the month.

Monthly Plus – ideal for extending up to your holiday!

Monthly Plus Season tickets are valid for any number of days between one month and one year.

Photocards for Season tickets

If you buy your Season ticket for collection on a Smartcard you are not required to use a Photocard.
If you wish to use a traditional paper Season ticket a Photocard may be required when you purchase. If you need a new Photocard, they are issued free of charge from ticket offices, but you will need to provide a recent passport-type photograph of yourself.

Changing your ticket or refunds

If you need to change your Season ticket or apply for a refund our Seasons Support Team can assist you. Please contact our team on 0371 244 2389.
If your journey was delayed and you would like to claim compensation please apply online using our Delay Repay form.

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