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We are aware of the ASLEF Union's plans for industrial action at CrossCountry on Thursday 7 December, and action short of a strike between Friday 1 to Saturday 9 December – more information

Make the Smart choice with CrossCountry

What is a Smartcard?

A Smartcard is a reliable, durable alternative to a traditional paper ticket. You can purchase tickets online, and fulfil them to your Smartcard, keeping your tickets safe and secure in one place.

What are the benefits of using a Smartcard?

Smartcards are more secure, durable and flexible than their paper equivalents. If your card is lost or stolen, you can let us know and we can block it so that no one else can use it. (This can be done by calling our Smartcard Support Team on 0371 244 2389.) They’re also more convenient, allowing you to order tickets online and collect using your Train Tickets app, at a local station without having to queue up.

You can also store more than one ticket on your card at a time. One card – many journeys!

How do I get a CrossCountry Smartcard?

You can order your new Smartcard here.

A example of a CrossCountry SmartCard

A CrossCountry Smartcard

What tickets are available for CrossCountry Smartcards?

Many Season ticket journeys are now available on your Smartcard, as more of the network becomes ready for Smartcards, we will make more journeys available.

How do I buy a ticket for my Smartcard?

Simply order your Smartcard whist buying your Season ticket. Or you can order your Smartcard and wait up to five working days for it to arrive in the post. Then visit our Seasons tickets page to purchase your Season ticket. Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you can load using the CrossCountry Train Tickets app or selected stations.

How do I collect tickets for my Smartcard?

If you order your Smartcard during the purchase process of your Season ticket then your Smartcard will arrive in the post with your tickets loaded. If you are buying new Season tickets once you have your Smartcard. You can collect your ticket in one of 3 ways:

On your Android or Apple device

You can fulfil your Season ticket to your Smartcard within the CrossCountry Train Tickets app on Android or Apple. Simply open the app, go to the My Tickets section and click on the orange Smartcard logo, tap your Smartcard on the back of your phone, and you’re ready to travel.

At the station

To collect your ticket at your chosen station, simply tap your card on the gate reader, ticket vending machine, or validator which bears the yellow sticker shown below. In some cases you will need to validate at the ticket office itself. If you need further help at the station, simply ask a member of staff. When you purchase your Season online you will see a dropdown list of all available stations for collection, simply select your station of choice.

Ticket validator

Smartcard FAQs

We’ve compiled the following Smartcard related FAQs should you have any questions relating to Season tickets on a CrossCountry Smartcard.

Question Answer

Why can’t I use my Smartcard everywhere?

Smartcards were introduced as part of a wider ticket modernisation programme. This requires introducing new infrastructure, which can take time. A national programme of work is underway and more and more journeys will become available.

Is there a limit on how many tickets a Smartcard can hold?

A Smartcard has space for up to 5 tickets at any one time.

Can I swap my current paper Season ticket for a Smartcard?

We advise you to order your Smartcard now and when your current Season ticket expires you can move to a Smartcard.

Does a Smartcard need to be accompanied by a photocard?

Unlike with paper Season tickets, Smartcard Seasons do not require a photocard counterpart for use.

Do I need a new Smartcard every time I buy a new ticket?

No, Smartcards are fully re-usable.

What if my Smartcard stops working?

If your Smartcard stops working, staff at stations or on the train should be able to see if they can read the card using their devices. If they’re unable to assist, please call our Smartcard Support Team on 0371 244 2389.

What is ‘card clash’?

If you tap your purse or wallet containing more than one contactless card on a reader, the reader will not know which card to read, and if you are inside London, it could also take payment from a card you did not intend to pay with. This is called card clash. To avoid card clash, only tap the card you want to use for your journey on the card reader.

How do I change or get a refund on a Smartcard Season ticket?

If you need to change a Season ticket for any reason, please contact our Smartcard Support Team on 0371 244 2389. This number is also printed on the back of your CrossCountry Smartcard.

What if I need to claim compensation for delayed journeys when travelling with a Smartcard?

The terms are the same as for travel with a paper ticket. You can find out more by visiting

Can I reserve a seat with a Smartcard?

If a journey requires a seat reservation, please contact our Customer Relations Team on 03447 369 123 or [email protected].

What if my Smartcard is lost or stolen?

If your Smartcard is lost or stolen, please call our Smartcard Support Team on 0371 244 2389.

What if I leave my Smartcard at home?

If you leave your Smartcard at home, please call our Smartcard Support Team as soon as possible, on 0371 244 2389.



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