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CrossCountry Train Smartcard

Travel with ease using the CrossCountry Smartcard.

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The CrossCountry Smartcard is a reliable alternative to the traditional paper ticket. Passengers can purchase train tickets online and apply them to a Smartcard, keeping your tickets safe and secure in one place.

Smartcards offer passengers extra security and flexibility when travelling on the CrossCountry network, making them an ideal solution for people who travel with us a lot. They are super convenient too, as you can order ticket online and collect them without having to queue. They're easy to use, and you can store more than one ticket on your card at a time - use the same card for many journeys!

If your card is lost or stolen, call our Smartcard Support Team on 0371 244 2389 to block it from further use. 

How to Use a CrossCountry Smartcard

You can order your new Smartcard directly from CrossCountry and then apply your future train tickets to the card. 

Once you have your card, you can purchase a wide range of CrossCountry train tickets and apply them to your card for simple travelling. 

You can use your Smartcard for many different ticket types, including Season Tickets. If you order your Smartcard during the process of purchasing your season ticket, then the card will arrive with your season ticket already loaded. If you purchase your season ticket when you already have your Smartcard, then you can add your season ticket to the card using the CrossCountry app, a PayPoint location, or at your local CrossCountry station.

To add your tickets using the app, simply open the app to the My Tickets section and click on the orange Smartcard logo. Tap your Smartcard to the back of your phone, and you are ready to travel.

To add your tickets at a PayPoint location, hand your Smartcard to a member of staff and they will fulfil your product using the PayPoint terminal.

You can add your tickets to your Smartcard at train stations by tapping your card on the gate reader, ticket vending machine, or validator. In some cases you may need to visit the ticket office or to ask a member of staff for help. 

For more information on using a CrossCountry Smartcard, discover FAQs.

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