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Train Ticket Types

Avoid booking fees and get tickets for any train journey in Britain with CrossCountry.

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Types of CrossCountry Train Tickets

With a range of train ticket options available, choosing the best one for you can sometimes be a little confusing. Whether you're getting the tickets in advance, looking to travel in ultimate comfort, or figuring out the best ticket to help you save, we've got you covered.

Buying a ticket doesn't have to be complicated. With ticket types tailor-made for all kinds of journeys, you can do it knowing you're getting the best ticket available.

Anytime Tickets

This is the most flexible ticket option. Anytime tickets allow passengers to travel no matter what time of the day; it's the perfect option if you're not 100% when you need to travel.

You can book on the day or in advance with Anytime tickets coming in three forms: Anytime Day Single, Anytime Day Return, and Anytime Return. Letting you travel where you want, when you want.

Discover Anytime Tickets

Off-Peak Tickets

Want cheaper tickets and a better chance of getting a seat? Off-Peak Train tickets could be your answer as you'll avoid busy times in the morning and evening.

Off-peak travel varies by operator, but CrossCountry follows a straightforward approach. If travelling before 09.30 ⁺, or between 15:30 and 18:15 ⁺, you'll likely need an 'Anytime' ticket.

Discover Off-Peak Tickets

First Class Tickets

Travel in style with a First Class ticket. Enjoy a multitude of perks, including reclining seats, extra table space, and complimentary food and drink on most services. You can make use of the quiet atmosphere by taking a nap or getting stuck into some work.

The ultimate way to travel for on-the-go work or an extra comfy journey. Kick back, relax and enjoy; it's well worth the upgrade.

Discover First Class Tickets

Advance Tickets

Book your tickets ahead of time to make your journey planning smoother and more straightforward. CrossCountry Advance tickets are available across any time of day, in Standard or First Class, and are available to book up to 12-weeks in advance.

Travel in comfort and style with Advance tickets, available on a range of CrossCountry routes.

Discover Advance Tickets

Season Tickets

Season tickets are made for the commuter and passengers making regular journeys. A season ticket allows unlimited travel between two given destinations, meaning you can save money, travel any time of day, and spend less time queuing for tickets.

You can purchase a season ticket for any duration, from a week to a year. You'll usually save more the longer the ticket duration.

Discover Season Tickets

PlusBus Tickets

Get unlimited bus or tram travel when buying your train tickets online by adding a PlusBus ticket. Whether you plan to use the bus at the start or end of your train journey, it's a great way to save a little more. Fantastic for a day out or city break.

Not only does this save you money, but you also won't need to stress about getting separate tickets for public transport upon arrival. This ticket is only available across a selection of destinations.

Discover PlusBus Tickets

How to Find the Best Train Ticket for You

Now you know the options, how do you decide which ticket to buy? Here are our tips for getting the best one for you.

  • Plan ahead: Getting an advance ticket is one of the most affordable ways of train travel. Tickets are usually available twelve weeks prior to travelling.
  • Consider timings: You can shave more money off your ticket cost if you travel outside peak travel times. If you are able, consider travelling at a cheaper time.
  • Shop around: After you've added your route, dates, and other travel details, you'll be provided various options and prices. The CrossCountry website and the mobile app will supply numerous ticket options to meet your needs.
  • Travel in comfort: If you've got a long journey or are mobile working, travelling first class can be well worth the upgrade. Who doesn't enjoy extra comfort and complimentary food and drink?
  • Regular journeys: If you make frequent journeys like a commute or school run, season tickets are the way to go. Another great way to save, and there's no need to queue for each journey.

CrossCountry e-Tickets

If you're looking for a more convenient way to travel, explore CrossCountry e-Tickets. It's an alternative to  paper tickets from the station as e-tickets are emailed to you directly. All you need to do is show your ticket via your Apple Wallet, display a PDF on your phone, open it in the CrossCountry App, or you can even print it at home. Save yourself the queue at the station.

Benefits of e-Tickets

  • Quick and simple! You can purchase your ticket and have your e-Ticket emailed to you directly.
  • Print at home or work if you don't have a smartphone.
  • View or download your e-Ticket from My Account at any time.
  • No need for paper use.
  • Travelling for business? Your train tickets are VAT exempt, and you can print off the PDF attached to your e-mail for your expenses. You can also request an expense receipt when signed into your account

Choose the e-Ticket delivery option when you book on our site or our mobile app, and we'll e-mail your e-Ticket directly. Scan the barcode on your e-Ticket at the gate, and if requested by an onboard crew member.

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