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The Best Crazy Golf in the UK

Wednesday 11 May 2022

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Golf isn’t something you associate with crazy – rarely will you see Tiger Woods make a title-winning putt over a bridge, through a windmill and around a winding snake. Mini golf, on the other hand, is the epitome of crazy. The previous example would be child’s play compared to what some courses offer.

However tricky the course, few activities test the patience and skill of adults and children alike more than mini golf. So, whether you play off scratch or your handicap’s too embarrassing to tell, these are the best crazy golf courses in the UK.

Pirate’s Bay Golf, Devon

Located in Paignton, Devon, Pirate’s Bay is a treasure of a golf course. You and your swashbuckling crew will have to traverse large pools of water, shipwrecks, and palm trees if you want to reach the end of each hole. It’s a huge amount of fun, is set right next to the stunning Devonshire coastline, and is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor crazy golf courses in the UK.

Victoria Falls, Bath

Golf is renowned for being played at scenic locations, from the iconic Augusta to Pebble Beach. Victoria Falls in Bath sticks to the plan, with the city’s Royal Crescent the stunning backdrop to the course. This outdoor mini golf course features waterfalls, rapid rivers, and challenging obstacles – everything you wouldn’t expect to find in Bath.

Xscape Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Scrap all notion of what a crazy golf course should be, because Xscape throws it out the window. This is 4D mini golf, with glow in the dark, 3D themes and special effects on every hole. Whether you’re uncovering Egyptian tombs or discovering the lost city of Atlantis, this Yorkshire mini golf course is unlike any other.

Portal Mini Golf, Edinburgh

Crazy golf generally takes adults back to a simpler time, when their only worry was a hole in one by the beach. Edinburgh’s Portal Mini Golf takes this literally, as you time travel through skateparks, pubs, and even retro arcade games. It’s a dizzying experience that proves that the game of golf can indeed be crazy.

Congo Falls Adventure Golf, Bristol

Bristol may have more famous bridges than that of Congo Falls Adventure Golf, but few evoke the same levels of fear. This outdoor mini golf course is 18 holes of pure fun and thrills, with wobbly wooden bridges, waterfalls, and rapid rivers that need traversing. Visit on a sunny day when the water glistens and palm trees sway and you could be anywhere else in the world.

Swingers, London

Golf has always been known as an elitist sport, and Swingers certainly received the memo. Set amongst London’s city skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of East London, Swingers adds class to crazy golf, with a gin bar and two-story clubhouse for players to visit before, during, or after their round. It’s much more than just the best indoor crazy golf course in the UK – it’s an experience.

Treetop Adventure Golf, Cardiff

Kids love treehouses, and Treetop Adventure Golf knows it. This Cardiff-based establishment features 18 holes of towering trees, mystic rivers, and even virtual thunderstorms. It’s a rainforest adventure for the family, but don’t think it’s easy pickings; variable ‘weather’ conditions and 20ft obstacles make it one of the most difficult crazy golf courses in the UK.

Jurassic Parrr, Glasgow

If there’s one thing kids love more than mini golf, it’s dinosaurs. Jurassic Parrr manages to combine both, with an 18-hole course surrounded by giant beasts and ancient fossils. The layout is clever and challenging, testing golfers’ patience whatever their skillset. Those looking for an additional challenge can also find a huge 72-bay driving range nearby.

Dragon Quest, London

Another course situated beside a huge, modern driving range, Dragon Quest is one of the best outdoor golf courses in London. A soft touch is needed if you’re to survive with a below-par score, as you’re always just one shot away from making a splash. It’s one of the more challenging mini golf courses you’ll play on, but still great fun for beginners.

Junkyard Golf Club, Manchester

So popular it’s made its way to Oxford and London, Manchester’s Junkyard Golf Club is one of the finest indoor mini golf courses in the UK. It’s as crazy as golf can get, with an eclectic range of themes and obstacles. Most visit for the experience, though, with drinks and food that can match any bar or restaurant in the city.

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