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Best Walks in Cambridge

Friday 18 August 2023

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There’s no better way of exploring a city than by foot. Walking can take you to parts of cities that cars and buses can’t, you get the sense of community that makes the place what it is, and you have more time to soak up its history and culture. Plus, it’s better for your health and for the environment. Cambridge has plenty of features that are best experienced on foot. So, if you’re looking to take some time to discover what makes this history city one of the most visited in the UK, these are the best walks in Cambridge.

How to get to Cambridge by train:

Cambridge is well connected on the CrossCountry network, meaning you can travel directly to Cambridge station by train from a wide variety of origin stations

Cambridge City Circular

Distance: Four miles

If you want to take in all the sights Cambridge has to offer, the Cambridge City Circular is perfect. This beginner’s walk begins at Castle Hill, taking you around the outside of the city, passing through its historic colleges where you’ll see some stunning architecture. Part of the walk takes you along the River Cam, and you might spot some locals or tourists punting along the canal – we recommend having a try at punting to relax after the walk.
Take in the fresh air on offer at famous parks like Jesus Green and Parker’s Piece before finishing where you started. At just four miles, it will leave you more than enough time to enjoy the city’s many tourist attractions.

Waterbeach Station to Green Dragon Bridge

Distance: Eight miles

The River Cam is one of the most famous in the UK, and for good reason. This route from Waterbeach Station to Green Dragon Bridge – just outside the city centre – takes you along over eight miles of the iconic river, passing through Clayhithe, Horningsea, and Fen Ditton. You won’t be too far away from Milton Country Park if you want to stop for a break half-way around, while Ditton Meadows and Stourbridge Common offer some greenery and well-deserved respite. It’s a moderate walk with some slight elevation, so we recommend it to those with some hiking experience.

Cambridge City Centre Sculpture Trail

Distance: Four miles

Beginning at Cambridge station, this is the perfect walk for railway travellers. Cambridge city centre has its very own sculpture trail to explore, with dozens of famous art works embedded in its streets. The Cambridge Sculpture Trail is a walking route that invites you to learn about each piece. Whether it’s a monument from the 1920s or artwork from the 2010s, everything has a fascinating backstory that alludes to the city’s history and its community. It’s a gentle walk that can take as long as you want – depending on how long you spend learning about each sculpture.

Milton Country Park Circular

Distance: A mile and a half

Most people visit Cambridge for its history and culture, but there’s a whole world of wildlife waiting to be discovered just outside the city centre. Just a few miles north you’ll find Milton Country Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. A loop around the park takes you through woodland, along lakes, and down pathways that are suitable on foot, bicycle, and wheelchair. You can spot different animals and plants depending on the time of year you visit, making it worthwhile whichever month you’re visiting. Dog-friendly and suitable for beginner walkers, this takes our top spot for the best walk in Cambridge for the whole family.

Castle Inn Pub Walk

Distance: Five miles

The Castle Inn pub walk is perfect for those who want to focus on Cambridge’s history and architecture. You’ll start just outside the city centre by College House and Lucy Cavendish College, before heading into the city centre and then left towards the world-famous Trinity College and Kings College. This route takes you through The Backs where many of the university’s students go for some much-needed greenery, before looping the outskirts of the city towards Christ’s College and Jesus College and finishing at the Castle Inn. If you want to see as much of Cambridge University as possible, this walk might be perfect for you.

Direct CrossCountry routes to Cambridge

Get live information on direct CrossCountry routes to Cambridge

Balsham and the Roman Road Circular

Distance: Seven miles

Just south of Cambridge is Balsham, a small parish village with a stunning woodland walk. Starting from the Black Bull Inn, this walk takes you on the outskirts of the wood until you hit the Roman Road, an ancient causeway which splits Balsham and Borley Wood. It’s one of the most famous roads in the UK, and it’s been in use for nearly two-thousand years. Once you reach Horseheath, you’ll loop back through Balsham wood to finish where you started. Suitable for all skill levels, this walk is widely regarded as one of the best in Cambridge for its blend of history and nature.

If you’re planning a walk in Cambridge, don’t forget to book an Advance ticket via our website or the CrossCountry app. If you need more information, you can contact us here.

Written by Julia

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