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Dog Days Out: Dog-Friendly Places in the UK

Monday 08 April 2024

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It’s estimated that over a quarter of Brits owned a pet dog in 2023, so it's fair to say that we’re a nation of dog lovers. Luckily, plenty of venues love dogs as much as we do, so a day out with your furry friend has never been easier. Whether you're looking to go to the beach, eat out at unique dog-friendly restaurants or take your dog on holiday, there are plenty of places you can take your companion(s).

From barking mad festivals to tail-wagging walks, these are the best dog-friendly places in the UK.

Dog-friendly beaches

There's something great about a family day at the seaside, and thankfully the UK is teeming with beautiful dog-friendly beaches. A trip to the beach means you can kick back and relax, explore the rock pools and local area, or stroll along the promenade – all things that are great for the owner their dogs alike. Even though there are plenty to choose from, some beaches are restricted but have dog-friendly seasons, so it's important to check before you plan your trip.

Taking your dog on holiday in the UK

British holidays are becoming increasingly more popular amongst many Brits. Whether you're looking to camp, rent a cottage, or stay in a hotel, the dog-friendly options are endless. Holidaying with your furry friend means you won’t have to worry about leaving them at home because, let's face it, they're part of the family, too. From the beaches of South Cornwall to the countryside in North Scotland, the UK is brimming with unique places to take your dog on holiday.

Historical dog days out

The UK is packed with history and heritage that stretches back centuries. With several dog-friendly sites across the UK, you'll be able to discover and learn all about the past alongside your companion. From medieval castles to abandoned abbeys, these sites make for fantastic dog walks while you soak in incredible views and reflect on life in the past. English Heritage has several dog-friendly properties across the country.

Dog-friendly restaurants

Dog-friendly restaurants are so popular it's almost uncommon to walk into a pub and not be greeted by a dog. With a growing number of eateries welcoming dogs, it's becoming easier to have a full day out with your dog without you having to drop them off at home before you eat. From cafes to restaurants, you'll be able to choose from a variety of places to eat, with some spots even offering dog food. If they don't have a doggy option, just be prepared for those puppy dog eyes peering under the table.


Swaying to your favourite artists, enjoying great food and drink, and spending quality time you're your loved ones. Heading to a festival is the perfect way to enjoy a summer weekend; what's great is that some fantastic festivals would love you to bring your dogs. Whether you go for the whole weekend or just a day, it's the perfect dogs day out. Surrounded by many like-minded dog owners, you're sure to have a great time and create great memories. Now there's no need to worry about a dog sitter.

Discover great dog walks

Well, this isn't quite ground-breaking stuff, but we think it's great to break the mould of your usual dog-walking routines and explore some of the outstanding natural spaces there are in the UK. Whether you visit some of the best woodland walks, discover the finest National Trusts sites, or even scale some of the UK's highest mountains, the UK is packed with endless opportunities when it comes to great dog walks.

If you’re planning a day out with your dogs, don’t forget to book an Advance ticket via our website or the CrossCountry app. If you need more information, you can contact us here.

Written by Julia

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