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Record Stores in York

Tuesday 09 April 2024

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When people think of York, they might call to mind the storied history of the city; the Minster, the Shambles, the Roman walls surrounding the inner city. With all of these attractions, it’s easy to forget that the city is also an ideal place for record shopping. With a number of hidden gems dotted around the city centre and beyond, you will not miss a beat after reading our guide to the top record shops in York.

Earworm Records

First on our list is Earworm Records. Founded in 2013, the store is located just a twenty-minute walk from York station and as an added bonus, you’ll see a number of famous sites along the way. The main aim of this record store is to provide a wide range of music to the city. From the classic albums that everyone needs in their collection to the more niche collectors’ items, Earworm has everything you need to bolster your existing heap of records. 

New and second-hand vinyl is in plentiful supply too, meaning you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for. If you’re still unsure about going ahead with buying a certain album, Earworm Records is now one of the few stores with a ‘try before you buy’ policy, so you can give that album a spin just to double check everything is in order. No doubt, after hearing the crackle accompanying your favourite song, you won’t think twice. 

Vinyl Eddie

Another gem in York for vinyl is Vinyl Eddie. The owner – called Eddie, as you may have guessed – has spent his time curating a relaxed atmosphere where seasoned collectors and first-time buyers both feel right at home. Students are also eligible for a 10% discount, making it a perfect opportunity to tie in more savings with a 16-25 railcard too.

Vinyl Eddie truly comes alive for record store days and very much embodies the collector’s spirit. With live music and queues around the block, this shop really is the place to be.  Getting there from the train station is simple too, with a bus taking only fifteen minutes, saving you valuable time for browsing.

York Minster behind a tree

FortyFive Vinyl Café

A more recent addition to vinyl stores in York is FortyFive Vinyl Café. Located just off the River Ouse and less than a fifteen-minute walk from the station, this vinyl shop could be your first port of call when visiting York. Established towards the end of 2023, this store was founded on the idea of providing great coffee, fuss-free food and above all else, a great collection of vinyl. The café also prides itself on providing an American-style twist, both in terms of with the food available and the country music emanating from the jukebox.

On top of all the usual vinyl store features, FortyFive is also proud to offer a number of different services. From hosting private events, to live sound engineering and so much more, it really is far more than just a shop. With all of this on offer, you may be forgiven for neglecting the extensive vinyl collection on show.

Pitch 22

A more eclectic shop for you to take a look at is Pitch 22. Alongside a wide range of vinyl, there is also a vast array of books and magazines that span across a multitude of genres.  Art displayed on the walls throughout the shop is also for sale and the selection is usually part of a wider local exhibition, adding to the store’s independent nature. 

Located only fifteen minutes away by bus from York station, Pitch22 is really worth a visit. Its ever-changing vinyl selection often includes some hidden gems, some of which may be 78s. This particular type of vinyl is one of the oldest in existence, ranging from any time between the late 19th century and the mid-20th century. If you’re able to spend enough time digging through all the crates in Pitch 22, you might just stumble across something of a collector’s item. 


Rounding out the list for our top vinyl shops in York is Rebound. This is one of the more specialist vinyl stores in York, with an emphasis on jazz. However, most genres are catered for, in addition to a wide-ranging collection of cd’s. Given the focus on jazz at Rebound, the vinyl on offer is purely second-hand, making it the perfect spot for those in search of pre-loved records. 

If you’re looking for more collectable records, then Rebound is the shop for you. There is a dedicated room that stores the selection of collectable jazz records, with some dating back as far as the 1950s.   If you’re planning on stepping in just to have a quick browse, you might find yourself getting lost in the collection, maybe even for an hour or two.  Rebound is just over fifteen minutes from the station on foot, so why not make the short walk and back to the golden age of jazz?

If you’re planning to visit York, don’t forget to book an Advance ticket via our website or the CrossCountry app. If you need more information, you can contact us here.

Written by Julia

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