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Flock to Flamingo Land this Summer

Thursday 03 August 2017

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A day out in Flamingo Land is the perfect way to spend time with your little ones, regardless of how big your brood is. If you’re looking to get the most out of your trip, you’ve come to the right place!

Read our guide to our favourite parts of the park, which will help you find the very best attractions, exhibits and food options at Flamingo Land.

Take a walk on the wild side

Although the flock of shocking pink flamingos is still a family favourite, the park is now home to 140 different animals. With so much to see, exploring the park is like a safari just a lot closer to home.

Younger visitors will love the Zoo Trail, which is available from Plaza Admissions or Customer Information. Printed sheets are available every day during the summer holidays, and at weekends throughout the year. They feature fun facts, as well as games and puzzles. You’ll find everything you need to explore the zoo with your family.

For older children and teens, the animal encounters at Flamingo Land are unmissable. Meet giraffes, penguins, and meerkats, amongst others, on these exclusive experiences. The keepers will introduce you to the animals and their habits. You may even be able to feed some of the amazing creatures!

Book ahead online or call the park to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Squawk the talk 

If your little ones are as obsessed with animals as we are, be sure to attend the fascinating talks that take place around the park during the day.

The keepers at Flamingo Land really know their stuff. It’s worth heading to the talks to learn how to feed tigers, what toys the lemurs most enjoy, and how tall the park's giraffes really are! There are talks throughout the day on some of the best-loved animals such as the Black Rhinos, baboons and penguins.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Keeper Talk’ meeting point signs. If there’s one you definitely don’t want to miss, make a note of up-to-date times from the website!

For those who are really interested in animal care, we recommend taking part in the Meet a Creature talks. These take place at the Zoo Education centre at 3:00pm daily, and your little ones will get to learn about the care of a selection of creepy crawlies. They will also be able to handle some of the animals, such as snakes, snails and frogs.

Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.  

Build their fighting spirit

Indulge your little monkeys in a little play fighting; at Flamingo Land you have two unbeatable options.

On warm days, Splash Battle is fun for all the family. On this interactive water ride you will navigate a Splash Battle Sub armed with a powerful water cannon. If you choose to stay ashore, you can attack from a water cannon too, but watch out! There’s a giant volcanic geyser ready to soak you to the bone!

Open to children over 3’ tall or accompanied by an adult.

Alternatively, try your luck with battle-tested laser technology, shooting opponents at Crazy Combat  an amazing multilevel game zone featuring sniper towers, huts, tunnels and barricades. If you’re feeling brave, every Wednesday in August the area is over-run by an infestation of the undead for a Zombie Apocalypse challenge!

Everyone aged 5 and over can play.

 Soar like a bird

It’s not just the birds who fly at Flamingo Land  you and your flock can too! With the vast array of rides available, your feet will barely touch the ground.

Fly with the whole family on Cyclosaur. This interactive, high flying experience might look like something Da Vinci sketched, but its pedal-powered flying machine is ridiculously fun. Grab a friend or make a new one in the sky and enjoy the ride!

Children over 3’ can ride.

Zoom through the sky with Flamingo Land’s latest suspended coaster. This ride is fun for all the family, as you soar and swoop through the air in your own private jumbo jet.

You must be over 3’6” to fly on Zoom.

 Don’t be a chicken

For older children (and big kids – we’re looking at you dad!), there are plenty of hair-raising rides to enjoy, if you think you’re brave enough!

Flamingo Land’s flagship ride is the electrifying Kumali, named after the leader of the resident lion pride. This ride is unmissable for extreme ride fans; you’ll experience an 87-foot-tall loop, 55 foot Zero-G roll and be suspended 75ft over a lake. If that doesn’t tie your stomach in knots, we don’t know what will!

You need to be 4’6” to ride this monster.

Indulge your need for speed on Velocity. The UK’s first and only motorbike launch coaster allows you to experience the speed, turns, and adrenaline rush of superbike racing. The unique restraint design leaves your body free to move, so make sure you hold on tight!

You must be over 3’6” to race.

 Save the birds!

Since it was founded, Flamingo Land has been leading the way in conservation efforts. This is the perfect way to teach your brood about the environment and how to look after it.

You can learn all about the park's conservation efforts, including the Flamingo Conservation Project. These beautiful birds are under threat and the staff at the zoo are doing everything they can to support wild populations, as well as the ones who reside in Yorkshire.

If you’re looking to do your part for your new friends when you return home, you can adopt one of the animals who lives at Flamingo Land. Not only will you help to protect the animals in Flamingo Land’s care, but you will also contribute to vital research helping international conservation projects.

Don’t get peckish

All of this excitement is bound to wear you all out, and when you need to re-energise, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you’ve been organised enough to pack up your own food, then you’re in luck. Head to Picnic Planet in Children’s Planet, where you can enjoy lunch al fresco. You’ll also be able to pick up any extras you want from a choice of tasty family favourites, such as hot dogs, ice cream cones and slushes. You can also get some amazing kids’ Mix’n’Match picnic lunchboxes.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, head to the Zanzibar Food Market. This extensive food market has something everyone will enjoy; choose between burgers, pizza, hot and cold drinks, and the dizzying array of snacks.

Getting there: CrossCountry can take you to York train station and from there, you can get the Yorkshire Coastliners bus service to Flamingo Land. Alternatively, you can get a train from York to Malton and then get a bus to Flamingo Land. 

For more of our favourite days out, as well as how to book trains to get there, check out our Enjoy this Summer page.

Written by Seb

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