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Let young imaginations run free on a Roald Dahl day out.

Friday 10 November 2017

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Run out of fun things to do this weekend with your little ones? Why not hop on one of our trains for a fun Roald Dahl inspired family day out. Last month, many children (and adults) all over the country celebrated Roald Dahl day on the 13th of September. This renewed our love for the eccentric characters and the abundance of fun they get up to (and now you can too!). Read on for some Roald Dahl inspired family days out around the country – guaranteed fun for all the family!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

An all-time favourite of ours is Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Luckily in the UK we have several incredible chocolate factories so you can discover the fantastical wonderfulness for yourselves! Enter Roald Dahl’s world of Willy Wonka, go on a chocolate factory tour, of course sampling delicious chocolatey nibbles along the way (don’t forget to bring Grandpa too)! Visit the home of UK chocolate and hop on a Cross Country train up to the beautiful city of York. Complete the Chocolate Trail, discovering York’s incredible chocolate history. Visit York’s Chocolate Story for even more chocolatey fun (keep your eyes peeled for an Oompa Loompa, how else can so much chocolate be made under one roof?)! Have a Roald Dahl-icious scrumptie-umpsious family day out.

Top Tip: Cadbury World offers a 30% discount when travelling by train. Check out to find out more and claim your discount! 

A family enjoying a colourful ride at Cadbury World in York

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Fascinated by Charlie’s trip to the space station in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator? Why not discover more and take a trip to Leicester, where you can discover the wonders of the universe at the National Space Centre. Take a ride in the 3D space simulator, visit the rocket tower or any of the 4 other interactive rooms for an out of this world experience!

 Mother and daughter enjoy themselves in two different rooms at Edinburgh’s Camera Obscurer: one daughter is spinning through a multi-coloured vortex and in another room the daughter appears to have become a giant standing next to her small mother.


If in Scotland, Edinburgh’s Camera Obscurer should not be missed. Here you can shrink yourself, or become a giant. Enter a magical coloured vortex in the illusion lab, speak to holograms or venture inside the magic and electric rooms. A fun-tastical day out with lots of twists and turns sure to excite both young and old Roald Dahl fans alike!

George’s Magical Medicine

If you fancy yourself to be similar to Roald Dahl’s George and love making potions and magical medicines, explore one of the country’s fabulous Science centres! Our favourites are Techniquest in Cardiff (be sure to check out Roald Dahl Plass at the beach front in Cardiff too!), Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham, The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Let your little ones discover the fun and delight science has to offer with the vast array of interactive and engaging activities these centres have to offer. Whichever you’re closest to, we can guarantee an unforgettable family day out with lots of learning, surprises and laughter!

Here a group of fascinated and amazed children and their parents enjoy themselves partaking in a windmill experiment at The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

 The Enormous Crocodile & Esio Trot

Pop on the train and visit Bristol Zoo and Botanical Gardens or Edinburgh Zoo – hopefully you will not be caught out and gobbled up by the Enormous Crocodile! Take the children to spot the various animals which inspired much-loved Roald Dahl characters. Keep your eyes out for Humpy Rumpy the hippopotamus, Roly- Poly birds, Muggle Wump the monkey and Mrs. Silver’s tortoise! You might even find some of those terribly Dirty Beasts too on this Roald Dahl inspired family day out! We have spotted a not-so-enormous crocodile at Bristol Zoo before!

Top Tip: Why not pack a copy of The Enormous Crocodile, or another favourite Roald Dahl book to entertain the children with on the train? Quentin Blake’s illustrations mixed with Roald Dahl’s entertaining prose always helps time whizzzzz by!

 Does a Roald Dahl inspired family day-out sound right up your alley? Book now for early bird tickets and discounted prices across all Cross Country routes, for a fun filled day out for all the family.

Written by Seb

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