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Day in the life working for CrossCountry

Day in the life of working as a Train Driver

Before joining the railway, what were you doing?

I worked in retail and also attended university in Newcastle, that meant me using CrossCountry services on a regular basis where I saw the Retail Service Managers working on board. I loved the idea of combining my passion for travelling and my retail background, so when I saw a position advertised for Retail Service Manager in Leeds I applied and was successful in gaining a position.
What has been your career so far with CrossCountry?

I joined as an RSM at Leeds in 2009 and was in the role for a total of 4 years, 2 of which I was the Catering Coach at Leeds helping new starters and any existing caterers that needed any support on board. In 2013 and applied for and was successful in gaining promotion to a Train Manager position at Leeds and was in this role until I was successful in gaining my Apprentice Train Driver role.

Why did you want to be a Train Driver?

As a Train Manager, you work very closely with Train Drivers and learn lots about their role. I thought it looked very interesting and I also was also fortunate to have a go on one of our simulators at the Driver Training Centre in Derby, this inspired to me apply for the position when I saw the vacancy.
What do you enjoy about being a Train Driver?

As much as I like working with my colleagues on board, I'm also comfortable working on my own. I like the responsibility the role brings and the job also offers me the chance to continuously develop and keep on learning.
Each day is different as a Driver, I'm lucky to work with different people, have a different view from the cab window but also face different challenges depending on the weather, track conditions etc.
What is it like being a female Train Driver?

Its great, I have been accepted well and have been fully supported my everyone, all my colleagues are willing to help and I feel like part of the team. I have a great manager and he is always there when I need him.
What would you say to any females who are thinking about becoming a Train Driver?

Go for it!!! If its something you want then apply for it, its changed my life and it’s a job I thoroughly enjoy.

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