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Disruption is likely to our services from Monday 29 November, please check your journey before you travel - visit here for more information.

How busy is my train?

Book ahead and stay safe

Please note: From Monday 19 July Government guidelines have changed on social distancing and face coverings, please visit here for advice and guidance about your journey.

Our customers safety is our number one priority, so to ensure you and others are safe during your journey with us, we advise that you book in advance and reserve a place on a specific train. When buying a ticket to travel with CrossCountry, you will receive a reservation which will include your coach and seat number. Please be aware that if you have not pre-booked your seat, you may be refused travel and asked to wait for an alternative service. For more information on how to reserve a seat, please visit our dedicated page.

We will be continuing to operate a special timetable to keep services running throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However please note, we are running a reduced booking window. To find out the latest date you are currently able to book, please view our advance booking dates.

We have created a table to quickly summarise how busy reservations have been on our services last week, by the time of day in a simple 'traffic light' format. If you are flexible with your travel arrangements, please use this information to select quieter services. We will be updating this on a weekly basis.

Key Service based on the level of reservations made
Plenty of seats available
Seats available, book soon
Limited seat available
No Service


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Page last updated: 29 November 2021

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