Get Spooked in these Ghoulish Cities this Halloween

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Explore the Grisly Past of Edinburgh & York this Halloween 

Do you love it when things go bump in the night?

Explore the dark city backstreets accompanied by an unnerving story-telling guide or take a theatrical ghost bus tour to get your adrenaline pumping. If you want to discover the strange, supernatural and downright peculiar, head to Edinburgh or York this Halloween where some truly frightening experiences await!

It’s that spooky time of the year again and as Halloween gets closer, we want to take you on a tour of the darker side of some of the UK’s eeriest cities!

Read on if you dare…

Take a ghost tour of Auld Reekie 

Auld Reekie is one of the UK’s most haunted cities. Known for its winding streets and ghostly folklore, Edinburgh is the perfect place to visit this Halloween.

Ghost hunters, horror lovers, thrill-seekers and fans of anything shrouded in mystery unite!

A Spooky History: Edinburgh got its famous nickname after a spooky mist descended on the city and while the smoke has since dissipated, an eerie air was left in its wake in the form of its past residents. During this time, homelessness was illegal which meant those less fortunate were pushed to live underground.

Ghostly tours beneath the city’s streets bring its disturbing history to life once again. The warren of cellars makes for the perfect setting for some fearful storytelling and if you are really hard-to-frighten, visit the Stone Circle Vault. Legend has it that anyone brave enough to step inside the vault will wake up the next day with scratches on their legs.

Are you brave enough to enter the vault?

Walk through the graveyards in Edinburgh

And it’s not only underground where Edinburgh will test your nerves!

If you really want to put your bravery to the test, go on a disturbingly fun adventure around local graveyards with a tour guide. These tours are action-packed and aren’t for the faint-hearted.

These thrilling ghost walks often take place in the following spooky locations:

  • Greyfriars Graveyard
  • Covenanters Prison
  • Black Mausoleum
  • Mackenzie Poltergeist

Prepare yourself a gruesome mix of history and horror, as these night-time walks are accompanied by wild tales that will send chills up the most rigid of spines!

Take a bloody thirsty tour of York 

Love all the chills and thrills of Halloween?

If have a wicked sense of humour, go to York and listen to the wild stories told by history buffs with their theatrical flair that really brings these tales to life.

York’s 2,000-year-old history is a gruesome one and during one of these tours, you can hear all about past executions, blood-thirsty criminals, terrifying murderers and ferocious kings and queens who once ruled the city with their reign of terror.

Storytellers will also tell you stories about Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes, and these tours dare to go where you should never go alone…

Go on a ghost hunt in York 

York is a great place to go to find a few ghosts for yourself and you can really get your blood pumping by going on an organised ghost hunt through the famous Snickelways.

The ghost tour leaders provide you with some good old-fashioned storytelling of the ghoulish kind and you should expect lots of fancy dress and dramatic performances from your guides. Some tours are put on every night and can be filled with hundreds of people looking for some fun frights, while others are more intimate and all the tours happen at night.

Do you dare to take part in a fright night in York?

Listen to a spine-tingling dungeon tour

The York Dungeon is the perfect place to go if you enjoy laughing and screaming in equal measures!

Take a terrifying tour of the York Dungeon and learn about the city’s darkest history told through live shows, featuring menacing characters from York’s macabre past. This themed experience will take you on a thrilling journey through history and where you can find out about legends and find your way out of the aptly-named Labyrinth of the Lost.

Book an eerie midnight tour of Oxford Castle 

 Discover the Oxford Castle pictured here in black and white.

Strictly for adults only, this spooky tour of Oxford Castle in the middle of the night is perfect for anyone who loves a great ghost story.

The 1,000-year-old site is home to all kinds of nooks and crannies that are great for exploring on a dark All Hallows Eve. There’s an underground crypt to find, along with an old chamber with its secret well, the creepy Punishment Cells and the looming Debtor’s Tower that visitors can climb during this haunting tour.

All kinds of unimaginable horrors took place on the castle grounds during the Georgian era and it’s a famous location for all things scary. And to top the tour off, as the clocks strike midnight, everyone can enjoy a glass of bubbly to see Halloween out in style.

Whether you want to embark on a ghost hunting tour of Auld Reekie or head to York for a memorably spooky experience in the dungeons, use our Journey Planner to organise your Halloween trip.

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