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Change my journey/ticket (3)

Can I change the delivery method of a booking?

It is not possible to change the delivery method after the booking has been confirmed.

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How can I change my ticket?

What is a change of journey?

A change of journey is when you want to change the date/time of travel.

Ticket type: Advance

  • Both the date and time of travel can be changed.
  • You cannot change the route (departing/arrival station)
  • Change fee £10 per ticket

How can I request a change of journey?

Online - You can change your ticket by logging into your account and selecting "Order status and refund applications". Select your booking and follow the steps to change your ticket.

At the station - This process can also be completed at the majority of stations. At the station you will still be required to pay for any difference in ticket prices in addition to an administration fee.

Never wait till the last minute if you need to change your ticket no matter if you are booking online or at the station.

Ticket type: Anytime

  • Change date
    • For Anytime Return tickets, if the date of outbound travel is made within 5 days of date stated on ticket and return travel within 1 calendar month then this is within the terms and conditions of the ticket. You do not need to tell us of the change. 
    • For Anytime Single tickets, you can travel on the date shown on the ticket, or on the following day. You do not need to tell us of the change.
  • Change time - the ticket is flexible so you can travel at any time of day. You do not need to tell us of the change.
  • Change route - you can change the departing/arrival station by cancelling the ticket(s) online and buying new ones.

Ticket type: Off-peak / Super Off-peak

  • Change date - can be changed
  • Change time - you can travel on any off peak train on valid dates without having to tell us of change. If you need to travel at peak times, then you will need to cancel your off-peak tickets online and purchase new ones for the new time.
  • Change route - you can change the departing/arrival station only by cancelling the ticket(s) online and buying new ones.

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When I change the date and time of an Advance ticket, which tickets can I choose?

As long as you keep the same origin and destination stations, you can alter the date or time of an Advance purchase ticket by changing it to a new ticket of the same or greater value.

You can choose either another Advance ticket or an Anytime or Off-Peak Single ticket if you prefer.
Find out how to change the date or time of Advance Tickets here

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