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An s-Ticket is a Season Ticket in the form of a barcode on a mobile device.

You can now buy and renew your Season Tickets directly in the CrossCountry app, with s-Tickets available to use instantly after purchase.

How s-Tickets Work?

With s-Tickets, you don't need a paper ticket and photocard. To make your journey quicker and easier, follow the simple steps for s-Tickets below.

Using the CrossCountry app, where you can search for your weekly or monthly Season Ticket. When purchasing your selected Season Ticket, choose the 'mobile barcode in-app' option, and your s-Ticket will appear in the app after finalising your purchase. You will also need to upload a photograph during the purchase.

We recommend downloading your s-Ticket barcode before travelling so you have it ready to show staff when asked or for passing through ticket barriers. Please be aware that printed barcodes are not accepted when travelling.

Benefits of s-Tickets

Why use an s-Ticket? Aside from saving time on your commute, s-Tickets are available to use immediately after purchasing. They are more secure than physical tickets too, which can easily be lost, as s-Tickets are safely stored in the app. If your device is lost or stolen, you can access your s-Ticket by logging into the CrossCountry app from any device.

You can also cut out the time taken to queue and purchase your ticket, as well as sidestepping any postal delay before you can use your Season Ticket.

s-Tickets are a flexible way to travel too, as you can purchase a wide variety of Season Ticket types in s-Ticket form, including First Class travel.

s-Tickets FAQ's

What is an s-Ticket?

An s-Ticket is a Season ticket fulfilled as a single use barcode coupon that is valid for 3 hours and is held on a mobile device.

Where can I purchase an s-Ticket?

s-Tickets are available to purchase via our CrossCountry app.

How do I display my s-Ticket?

Once you have downloaded your Season ticket via the CrossCountry app, tap ‘View Season ticket’ and display the barcode at ticket gates or show to staff.

s-Tickets are not to be displayed from screenshots, wallet apps or printed form.

Do I need a photocard?

Yes, you will need to upload a photo directly before purchasing an s-Ticket. Instructions will be provided during the purchase process.

All child s-Tickets will require a paper photocard as there is not the option to store child photos on the CrossCountry app.

Are First Class tickets available with s-Ticket?

Yes, 1st class s-Tickets are available.

Is an internet connection required to download/display an s-Ticket to travel?

If a refreshed coupon is required at any stage (for example to enter/exit gates or for inspection purposes), a back-up coupon stored locally will be available if a poor connection is experienced. The back-up coupon is valid for a single journey on a given day. If further journey(s) are required after the use of the back-up coupon, a connection will be required to obtain the next season coupon.

Are s-Tickets available for all Season tickets?

No, s-Tickets are only available for new or renewed weekly or monthly Season tickets.

What happens if my device is lost, stolen or replaced?

You can transfer your s-Ticket to a different device however the ticket would only be available 3 hours after the last coupon was downloaded.

Can Railcards be used to get discounts on s-Ticket Season tickets?

Yes but only 16-17 Saver and Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount card holders can get a discount on s-Tickets.

What are the refund rules for s-Tickets?

The same refund rules apply for s-Tickets as for the equivalent paper/Smart ticket.

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