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26-30 Railcard

Save 1/3 on most rail fares with a 26-30 Railcard.

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What is the 26-30 Railcard?

Calling all 26-30 year olds, did you know you could be saving 1/3 on your train travel? With a 26-30 Railcard, you can make great savings on journeys across the UK, meaning you can make the most of every weekend and experience all of what the UK has to offer.

Costing just £30 for a year's worth of savings, you can save hundreds of pounds by travelling with a Railcard.

Benefits of the 26-30 Railcard

For just £30 a year, you can enjoy fantastic discounts of 1/3 on your train travel. That means that every time you visit family, go on UK staycations, enjoy daytrips with friends, or travel to work, you are saving money. If you tend to travel a lot, a Railcard is a perfect way to save money.

Our blog features a range of ideas for fun and exciting things to do around the country, so you will never be short of inspiration. Whether it’s a weekend by the coast or a shopping trip in the city, explore more with a 26-30 Railcard.

Anyone aged between 26 and 30 is eligible for the 26-30 Railcard, and you can apply right up until the day before your 31st birthday.

How to Buy a 26-30 Railcard

The 26-30 Railcard is only available as a Digital Railcard, so the simplest way to buy one is online. Once you buy your Railcard, you need to download it onto the Railcard App to start using it immediately.

To buy your Railcard, you will need a valid ID, a digital passport-style photo, and a debit or credit card to pay with. 

Buy a 26-30 Railcard

How to Use Your 26-30 Railcard

The 26-30 Railcard gets you 1/3 off most rail fares, so make sure to apply your Railcard when buying train tickets. 

If you're buying train tickets online or at a ticket machine, select your 26-30 Railcard to apply your discount. If you're purchasing tickets from a ticket booth, let your attendant know to apply your Railcard discount to your ticket.

When travelling, make sure that your phone is adequately charged so you can show your Railcard to attendants and staff when asked. 

Full terms & conditions can be found on the Railcard website.

Other Railcard Options

It's still possible to save money on CrossCountry trains even if you are not eligible for this Railcard.

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Explore all CrossCountry Railcard options to find the Railcard that suits you best.

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